What is this thing that I feel?

A nightmare is just fear of a darkened tomorrow.

Chapter 1

Could it be?

Just what is this thing that I feel? Why is it making my stomach churn? It's holding me close, too close. It's suffocating me. I cry out, but no one believes the pain that its causing. No one understands. It's too hot, I can feel it burning my flesh. My chest tightens almost as if it can sense this things presence. I'm afraid of this. I dot know what's happening. The light burns my eyes, blinding me by its sickening beauty. I want this thing destroyed, I hate it. It's hurting me, choking me,it's killing me. It's making my blood boil inside my veins. I can't stand it anymore. I give more cry of desperation, but again, no one believes the pain and torture. It's enough to drive anyone to the brink of death.
Just what is this thing that I feel?
Could it be love?


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