Where no one can here you scream (A my candy love and Corpse party Crossover my first ever one so don't judge me!)

sMy oc's for My candy love are Really Aquamarene, fearbringer1234, and LuckyLucie, but I've changed the names in this story to:
Aquamarene: Kristina (Or Kristy for Short)
fearbringer1234: Alyssa
LuckyLucie: Juliet
I haven't finished Corpse party, I lost the game after I got past chapter 2, so I'm going on Video's I've seen Cry play... My candy love Characters and Corpse party Characters included, some cut out so others can come in. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Character introductions

(it goes in this order in the game!!!! those chapters first, introductions now.)

Juliet: A Silver haired girl, and also new student at sweet Amoris. Normally seen with a smile on her face, she's your usual peppy girl. She originally lived in Tuscon Arizona, but moved when her father got transfered. She's quickly befriended Mayu, and even got the lead in the school play. Loves acting, the victorian era, and Cookies. Dislikes rude people and the color green.

Alyssa: A goth girl and also new student to sweet Amoris. She dyed her hair blue upon moving here and cutting it from her hips to close to her head. She moved out of her parents house with her older brother after her dad became an alcoholic. She loves reading, cats, and the color black. Dislikes sunlight, abusive parents, control freaks, and snakes

Kristina: The newest new student. She's very shy. She came here with her aunt, her twin brother, sister and three other brothers. She's currently in hiding from an escaped criminal, who happens to be her mother. She loves rock music, playing guitar, and writing stories.

Amber: The leader of an annoying clique of three girls, and Nathaniel's little sister. She is supposedly in love with Castiel for fixing a doll for her in their childhood. She is daddy's little princess, and always gets her way. Sh's a no good spoiled brat with no taste in fasion in my opinion. although her top is cute in white with a pink belt...

Li: One of ambers friends, always cheacking/putting on her lipstick. She's stuck up and rotten, and tends to push people out of the way when Amber tells her to. She's lazy and quite a gossip. She gets scared easily and tries anything to impress amber

Charlotte: One of Amber's friends. She never really speaks much, and is only seen with Amber or not that far behind her. that's all I know... that and she says your candy (Oc in mcl) is the kind of gir to hangs around the streets for money... she calls her a slu+!

Nathaniel: A blonde boy who is the student body president of Sweet Amoris. He's really sweet/nice. Very dependable and super easy to get along with. He Loves reading crime novels and dislikes sweets.

Castiel: A red head who's original hair color is black. He's the school Rebel. He's not easy to talk to, and very hard to get along with. Likes his electric guitar, and islikes Taking/following orders.

Kentin: Used to be a dork, (who in my opinion was adorable!) but after his dad sent him to military school, he really grew up. Likes: sweets. Disliks spicey food. (I haven't reached that level yet.... so yeah, this is his adorable information.)

Lysander: has his own style which he's very comfortable with. He's mysterious and isn't very talkative, which doesn't make him easy to get to know.
Likes fashion and the Victorian era Dislikes people who are quick to judge.

Seiko: A girl who lived in sweet amoris all her life, and the principals grandaughter. when Alyssa frist moved in next door, she immidiatly started to follow her everywhere in attempts to befriend her. Now thses two are the best of friends.She is always seen smiling. Likes nice people Dislikes (I don't really know this part...)

Sakutaro: A Blue haired boy that has been in the drama club with Mayu since middle school. He is very quiet, and his ony close friend is Mayu. He takes pride in his family heritage, and get's very defensive of his name, the only exception is Mayu's nickname for him; Shig. Likes: Drama club, and Mayu... don't know dislikes

Ms. Yui Shishido: A new teacher who started this semiester after passing her teaching exam. She get' along with the kids rather well, and is willing to put her life on the line for any of her students. She is really nice, and eager to make an impression. Likes: teaching Dislikes: losing her students/ seeing them in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

Yoshiki: A blonde boy who is really sarcastic, but as far as he's concerned, he's just being honest. He doesn't participate in school activities unless Alyss or Shinozaki ask him to be. He's a good friend of Castiel and Lysander. Likes: IDK

Ayumi Shinozaki: Class representitive of class 2-9 at sweet amoris. She is real competitive with Nathaniel and perfers to be adressed by her last name. She is really interested in supernatural whatchamacallit's and stuff like that. But when scared, she tends to hpervenalate and her knees buckle under her.

Mayu: A girl who is rather small and cute for her age. She has been friends with Shig sinc middle school, when they met in drama club. She thinks there is no evil in the world ad sees the good in everything. She is moving away because of her fathers job.

There's the characters. yay.

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