Where no one can here you scream (A my candy love and Corpse party Crossover my first ever one so don't judge me!)

sMy oc's for My candy love are Really Aquamarene, fearbringer1234, and LuckyLucie, but I've changed the names in this story to:
Aquamarene: Kristina (Or Kristy for Short)
fearbringer1234: Alyssa
LuckyLucie: Juliet
I haven't finished Corpse party, I lost the game after I got past chapter 2, so I'm going on Video's I've seen Cry play... My candy love Characters and Corpse party Characters included, some cut out so others can come in. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

Heavenly Host --------- School

Alyssa blinkedopen her eyes. "Owch! My Ankle! W-What's going on?" Alyssa Sat up and lookd at the tattered school building. Thiny desk and rotting floors. "W-where am I? Where Is everyone?" Alyssa slowly stood up, taking a good look around. "Wha? I-I'm not home, but 'm not at school.... but... it looks like a school..." Avoiding holes in the floor, and scraps of debre, Alyssa walked till she saw smthing familiar. "S-Seiko? Seiko!" The girl was at the front of the classroom, not moving. "Seiko! oh, this isn't good... There's a hole in the floor to big for me to reach her!" Alyssa walked out the back door into the hallway. "There's gotta be another doo-" She fell over a loose floorboard." OW! My Ankle!.... But, I must go on... For Seiko..." She Slowly got up and limped further. "Now, where's the- oh, here it is!" Alyssa said entering the other door to the classroom. A paper near the front caught her eye.

Heavenly post: Third student reported missing. One by one, the young students of Heavenly Host ---------- school seem to be dissapearing, as now a thrid student joinded the ranks of the missing. Class mates testify the fifth grader ---------- was on her way home from school, but got seperated from her friends in the hall, and hasn't been seen since.Police are investigating the possibility of a serial kidnapping and have assigned countless investigators in hopes of a seedy resolution. However,ten days have passed since the first dissapearence, giving classmates and parents ample cause for concern.

Alyssa gulpped and walked on. "Seiko! Seiko!" Alyssa said running up to her friend. Seiko's curls were still in place, probably from all the hairspray she uses. "Seiko, Seiko wake up! Sei-" Alyssa let out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness she'sstill breathing. "Seiko, Sekio, wake up! C'mon, Wake up!" Sekio stirred a bit, letting out a small moan. "Nng... Oh, Alyssa... What's up?" Alyssa smiled "Don't What's up me! I though you were takig a dirt nap!" Sekio looked around before turning back to Alyssa. "W-Where are we? What is this place? What's going on!?" Alyssa shrugged. "i'm as clueless as you are." Seiko got up and walked over to the window. "nnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhh....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggg........ It's not opening! Why won't you Open!! Open-sesame! Alakazam! Please open!" Alyssa shook hr head. "T think it's stuck Seiko..." Seiko sulked. "Or not even a window at all... It feels like one of those movie props!" Alyssa Sighed. "How are we going to get out of here then?" Alyssa turned her attentin to the doorwy, and noticed another flyer, on her way o it, she tripped over a desk. "This Desk are so small, it's like I'm back in elementary school!" Both of the girls grew silent. "A-An elementary school?.... you don't think that..." Alyssa turned to Seiko. "It can't be... can it?" Seiko walked over to the door and looked at the flyer on the wall.

Heavenly Host Elementary-Notice to all Faculty and student's

Alyssa grew pale. "H-Heavenly H-Host? Isn't that... the school that prceded Sweet Amoris and was closed and Demolished!?" Seiko slowly backed away from the flyer. "OH GOD, WHAT' HAPPENING!? WHERE THE HE__ ARE WE!? WHERE ARE OUR FRIENDS, AND AMBER, CHARLOTTE, AND LI... AND MS. YUI!?" Alyssa ran up to her friend. "Calm down Seiko,Don't get so worked up, you'll start to hypervenalate! Take deep breathes with me, alright?" They both breathed deeply, then Seiko turned to Alyssa. "Thank's Alyssa, i owe you one." They stood in silence, till Alyssa exhailed. "Let's find a way out, Seiko, let's find the others." Seiko nodded toward Ayssa. "We'll find a way out together. Promise."

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