Where no one can here you scream (A my candy love and Corpse party Crossover my first ever one so don't judge me!)

sMy oc's for My candy love are Really Aquamarene, fearbringer1234, and LuckyLucie, but I've changed the names in this story to:
Aquamarene: Kristina (Or Kristy for Short)
fearbringer1234: Alyssa
LuckyLucie: Juliet
I haven't finished Corpse party, I lost the game after I got past chapter 2, so I'm going on Video's I've seen Cry play... My candy love Characters and Corpse party Characters included, some cut out so others can come in. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

The Ritual

"A Charm? Oh goodie!" MAyu said clapping. "What's going on in here?" Castiel let out a groan a blonde boy walked in with his sister and her clique... Amber, Charlotte, and Li. "We're trying a charm so we'll be together forever!" Shinozaki responded with a soft smile. "That sounds like a good idea, I want in!" Nathaniel said joining the circle of teens. Amber and her friends gathered around Castiel and the blonde guy. "We'll do anything they think is cool." Amber said with a slight blush on her face. "I-I'll do anything Yoshiki does." The other two girls said. "Hey, wait for me!" A girl with Silver hair ran in, followed by a guy dressed in victorian clothes and silver hair. "Is everyone in sweet Amoris in on this!" The girl looked down. "S-Sorry, I tried to keep them away.... but I got... disracted..." She looked down. "It's ok Juliet! No harm no foul!" Shinozaki said smiling. "While you're here, why don't you participate in the charm thing two?" Mayu said waving over her new best friend to her side. "you too Lysander!" The boy stood by his best friend, Castiel, as Shinozaki explained. "It's called 'Shchiko Ever After' and you say in your head 'Sachiko, we beg of you about..... sixteen times I think, one for each person here... Don't worry if you mess up a little, so long as you don't stop.... Ready? Begin!" The room was silent as they chanted in their heads. "Everyone done?" They all nodded. "Now grab the paper doll I have anywhere you can." Everyone grabbed onto the doll. "Hold onto it really tightly, dig your nails in it if you have to, and now rip off sixteen pieces, ready? One... two... Now!" They all pulled, and the paper doll ripped into sixteen peices. Another crack of thunder startled Ken into screaming again "Gyaaack" Kristina giggled a little bit "Now, no matter what, do NOT lose this piece of paper. Keep it somewhere safe on you at all times." Ms. Yui smiled and stood infront of everyone. "Now that that is settled, let's all go home!" Everyone smiled... till the room started shaking. "An Earthquake!?" Kentin gasped as he fell over. "Everyone get under your desk! Now!" Ms. Yui yelled to the terrified students. The girls let out screams as the room split into two. "Ms. Yui!" The floor started to collapse. "Everyone! Stay Calm!" Kristina let out a horrifying scream as the floor fell out from under her. "Kristina!" Kentin yelled after her, till he to, fell into the hole. "MS. YUI!" Everyone screamed as they all fell in.


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