Where no one can here you scream (A my candy love and Corpse party Crossover my first ever one so don't judge me!)

sMy oc's for My candy love are Really Aquamarene, fearbringer1234, and LuckyLucie, but I've changed the names in this story to:
Aquamarene: Kristina (Or Kristy for Short)
fearbringer1234: Alyssa
LuckyLucie: Juliet
I haven't finished Corpse party, I lost the game after I got past chapter 2, so I'm going on Video's I've seen Cry play... My candy love Characters and Corpse party Characters included, some cut out so others can come in. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Story

(listen to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jECSBjZwo7w it would be more awesome.)

It was a really rainy Evening after school, just like this one...
Running down the staires, the kindly teacher lost her footing.
She tumbled, and she fell...

and she Died.

Yo've all heard the stories, No? Before Sweet Amoris was biult here, there was another school on this property.
Hevenly Host Elementary School, it was called.
Such a horrible thing to happen...The Princapal was completely devastated.
He Cared for the school almost as if it were his own child, you see.
But one thing led to another after the incident... and ultimately, a disision was readched.

The school was to be shut down.

The Principal was so stricken with grief over losing his precious child that on the day of it's closure... He climbed up to it's roof and...
threw himself to his death... or so the story goes...

People thought Heavenly Host was cursed, you see. This was just the latest of many deaths to occur there. That's why it was torn down.


They say the teacher who fell down the stairs still has no Idea she's dead, even to this very day...
and on rainy evenings like this, after our school day's come to an end...
Some claim she roams these darkend hallways...


in fact, it's almost time for her to make her rounds! Just after seven o'clock....
That's when she appears, always accompanied by a sudden blackout that leaves the entire biulding as dark as night...
'Knock Knock' you'll hear, followed by the sound of the class room door ssssslowly ssssssslinding open...
As her pale white face cuts through the stillness. Her soft voice always echo's the same question:

I S A N Y O N E S T I L L H E R E?

and then...

A loud crack of thunder booms through the empty classroom, startling a group of unsuspectng teenagers. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHRG!" A brown haired teen screams jumping high in the air. The light vanished, leaving the soft candle flame, making the shadow's dance on the walls. His scream was followed by girlish screams.The boy fell over, and he looked up, horrified "I-It's a blackout!" The boy said. "Ken! Pull yourself together! You scared us!" Kentin looked at them for a minute, then gulped. "B-but it scared me!" A snicker was heard from the other side of the room. "Mr. Military boy is scared of the dark!" The red head said elbowing the blonde, who laughed quietly to himself. "It's not funny guys!" Kentin said with a sligt blush. The girl telling the story stood up, looking nearly to tears. "I-I don't like this, this shouldn't be happening!" the blonde Castiel elbowed smiled to her "Not bad Shinozaki. You had you had us going there for a minute!" She quickly turned to him, tears leaking from her eyes, "I-it wasn't me, I've been here the whole time! This is a real blackout!" the room went quiet for a minute. A girl smaller than the others stepped forward, her voice shaking "D-does.... anyone else hear that?!" A boy with bue hair stepped from the shadows and put his hand on her shoulder. "Sound's like it's coming from the music room..."


The teens gasped at the tiny sound.


Kentin let out a whimper sound and tried to grab on to something to help steady his shaking body. "Get a hold of yourself ken, and watch where you're grabbing!..... that's my chest!" Kentin quickly let go and back away a little. "S-Sorry Alyssa, I didn't see what I was grabbing!"


Two girls huddled together, both misty eyed as the knocking grew louder. "Hey, Mr. Military... you gonna get the door?" Ken turned toward Castiel. "W-What?!" Castiel smirked. "The girls are obviously scared, doesn't it break your heart seeing them like that?" Kentin gulped "So why don't YOU get the door!?" The Blonde responded to his question "Because, it doesn't break ours." Kentin sulked, defeated. "You guys are so cold........" Kentin slowly walked to the door, his hand slowly reached for the door lnob, when

"I S A N Y O N E S T I L L H E R E?"

Everyone gasped, KEntin withdrew his hand and slowly backed away.

G O H O M E C H I L D R E N...

the door burst opened, followed by a crack of thunder. "YAAAAAAGH!" Kentin fell backwards, hitting his head.
Soft laughter filled the room. "Did I scared you Kentin?" Everyone let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Ms. Yui Shishido's voice. "Ms........... Yui..........?" Kentin was still a little shaken up, not believing his eyes or ears. "Heya Teach!" Shinozaki called out to the beloved teacher. "Shinozaki!" She greeted back with a warm smile. Shinozaki ran up to her and high fived her. "I'd call that a rousing success!""Man, we've been had!" Two girls called out as they giggled. "Ms Yui, your timing couldn't be more perfect!" Ms. Yui softly giggled "I wasn't that long ago I was a student here, so the when it comes to the 'seven wonders of Sweet Amoris high' I'm pretty well versed!" Castiel snickered and looked over to Kentin. "Heh... Ken....." The smallest girl walked up to kn, who was currently paralyzed, and said while giggling "I thought Shig's reaction was priceless, but yours was on a whole 'nother level Kenny!" The blue haired boy pushed his glasses up. "I could never hope to compete with that." The whole room laughed. "All pranking aside, I found someone cleaning out her locker in the hallway, and thugh she could join us!" A head with a purple newsboy hat lokked in, followed by her walking in. "H-Hi." It was the newest of the new students Kristina. "Yo! Welcome to the party!" Kentin said coming ut of his shock state. Kristina waved. "Hey, looks like you have competiton Alyssa!" A girl said winking and plopping on top of a desk. "I have no idea WHAT you're talking about!" The girl replied with a smile. he walked over to theother girl and oulled on her cheeks. "Sometimes, Seiko, your mouth says the craziest things!" Everyone laugh. Ms. yui giggled, then clapped. "I think it is about time for you all to head home. it is past seven already!" Reality set in on the teenagers. they didn't want to leave, for when the day ended, the smallest of the girls, Mayu, would never step foot in Sweet Amoris again. She was moving, and today was her last day. Mayu started to cry a little. "C'mon Mayu, don't be sad, it's not like you're moving that far away! We'll visit you! Best friends forever!" The blue haired boy gently smiled, holding up his phoe. "C'mon Mayu, lets see that smile of yours." Everyone gathered around for one last picture. "I know!" Shinozaki said snapping. "I found something online, a little charm that i we do it right, we'll be together forever!" ....

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