Anybody Want To Do A Hunger Games Group Story?

Yeah I Really Wanna Do One XD

Chapter 1


Strength Rating (1 Is Bad 10 Is Amazing) :
Anything Else?:

Heres Mine:

Name: Shelly Jones.
Age: 12
District: 11
Personality:Shelly Is Sweet And Kind , But Not Easily Scared. Her Only Wish Is To Make Her Mother Proud - She Wouldn't Even Care If She Died In The Hunger Games If It Made Her Mother Happy. She Is A Trustable Ally But She Isn't As Handy With Weopons As Much As Most Of The Tributes, But She Was Raised To Know Which Plants Are Dangerous And Which Are Fatal. She Has A Habit Of Pushing Her Hair Behind Her Right Ear When Nervous, Scared Or Embaressed.
Rating (1 Is Bad 102 Is Amazing) :8
Appearance: She Is Slim And Slight With Big Brown Eyes That Stand Out In Her Pale Skin. She Has Chestnut Brown Hair That Reaches To Her Shoulders.
Skill(s): She's Quite Good At Long Range Fighting ( Bow And Arrow, Spears, Throwing Knives) But She Didn't Realise This Herself Until Her Training. She Also Can Hear Slightly Better Than Most People
Anything Else?: Shelly Prefers The Name Shell , Because Its Short And Easy To Remember. And Although She Seems Small And Slight, She Can Throw A Punch If Needed.


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