Posted at: February 13th, 2013.

Chapter 1

This is the end

I've finally seen my reality: I'm nothing but harm in this world. I'm completely worthless, pathetic, selfish and cruel. That's the basic point of it. But the point of this post is that............. I'm leaving.

No, I'm not gonna delete my account. I'll leave it right there. However, I won't use it anymore. I'm forsaking this place. I'm done with all the harm I've ever caused. Note that I'm not gonna kill myself. However, that doesn't mean I won't start cutting. I know it'll be hard to stop after I start, but that's what I deserve, anyways. I'm nothing but harm. I'm gonna punish myself for all the crimes I've committed. This is where it all ends.

However, I'm not leaving without giving you all a farewell: (Dianne): I know that I promised you that I'll always be there for you. However, that promise can't be fulfilled any more. So much happened, and now, I can see that I'll only cause harm to be here. Supposedly your story is all true, I ask of you to keep eating. You think of yourself as fat and ugly? Here:



You sure you don't wanna reconsider your thoughts on that? Just keep eating till you feel you can't take it any more. Remember: No ice cream or pizza for breakfast. Only some light things, like eggs or cereal or something. And trust me, you don't need me. You've got Aaron (which, might I add, is a surprise that you two are an item....). And do not cut under any circumstances. Even if there's so much stress, don't cut. Just take a hot bath. (Elmira): There might be so much stress on you. However, don't worry. You'll eventually have time to live your life. And don't hate yourself. You had nothing to do with getting in such a school. And I advise you to stand up to your dad and relatives to get you outta there. Might put some sense into their skulls. Either way, you'll have time for yourself eventually. (Courtney) (AKA Kitty): Sorry. I'm pretty sure you'd be begging me right now to not leave. However, things have changed. I'm done with causing harm to others. 'Sides, you still have Hatter and Sammy, who are pretty much more useful than me. Me gone won't change a lot, anyways. And don't even think you can cut again. The knife's there. No way for you to retrieve it. But anyways, no killing yourself either. Don't succumb to your pain. Just keep living. One day, you'll either end up with the man you currently love or find your actual someday. Just remember that hope. (Hatter): ............ Well, I don't really have anything to say. Just take care of Kitty, I guess? And Evie. (May): Things may seem bad, but there's still a chance for you. Don't give up. Sure, he (ya know) thinks that it was your fault, but it wasn't. Just try to love him as much as you can, ok? And just keep looking at the hope that you'll find your soulmate one day. I know that you're in an extremely bad condition, but you still have a chance to be cured. Just stay optimistic. (Vepsy): Now, I don't know if you really are so depressed as you always seem online, as a kinda reliable source told me that you aren't like that in real life. But anyways......... I dunno what to say........ Be happy and yourself, I guess? (Neare): Things may be bad for you too, but they may change one day. And also, you opened the door for him (you know who) to ruin your life. You succumbed to his threats and did what he wanted. Now, he can control you all he wants, whenever he wants. Do you really want that? And also, I understand that you're really scared of the end (ya know what's that), but remember that we all end up like that. So, don't be so scared. Just remember that there might be a day where it'll come for you. And try to look into the hope that things will change, ok? And take care of Kitty. (Calloniel): Now, I understand if you always keep liking them (ya know) all the time like that, but trust me, there might be a day where you'll actually love one and not like others at all. Try to look at that hope. (Samantha): .......... Well, this isn't exactly a goodbye, as you're still talking to me through that, so I guess I won't say anything 'bout ya. (Gloria): Nothing much to say. Just take care of Veps. (Heather): Why can't I trust anyone, you ask? 'Cause the one that I trusted the most betrayed my trust...... and I have trust issues. At any case, take care of Kitty. (........ Sorry, You didn't tell me to call you anything): Things may be bad, but there's still a chance you'll be saved. Not necessarily by me. Your soulmate will probably be the one to save you. Just cling to the hope of finding your soulmate one day. Also, I'd like to ask you to try your best to stop cutting. It never leads to good........ Heh. Says someone who's gonna start cutting soon....... Well, when I find a suitable knife, that is. (Ryah): I'm sorry for all the annoyance and triggers I caused to you. I just wanna say that I tried to get you to stop smoking and drinking 'cause I cared. Now, all this time I never actually intended to convert you. It'd be your own choice to whether convert or not. However, I just want you to think about your actions and choices. Are you sure that your really wanna do them? I know that your first thought would be "Fvck yeah!" or something, but please think about it. I'm doing this 'cause I care. Think about everything you did and are doing. I know that you wanna live your life. However, do you really wanna live nice for a little bit and live for eternity in agony or live a little nice and kinda boring for a little bit and live for eternity in paradise? Please, think about it for a bit. Be sure to do what you really wanna do. I'm asking you to think about it 'cause I care. (......... You didn't tell me to call you anything either): Things may change. That's all I can say, as you didn't tell me your full story. Also, tell Loana that I kinda miss her. (.......... Yeah, you too didn't): Things may change for you too. You'll one day be freed of your so-called-family. Just cling to that hope. (Emily): I'm sorry for all the harm that I caused. Also, forget what your so-called-mother said. It hurts, I know, but you gotta forget it. She's just nothing. Also, things may change for you one day. Cling to that hope. Also, take care of Kenz. (Kenzie): None of what happened is your fault. It's all my fault. I never should've existed. If I never existed, none of this would've ever happened. Everything would be so much better with me gone. I also don't know your full story, but I just want you to know that things may change for you one day. Cling to that hope as well. And take care of Shadow. (......... Nameless person again......): Things may change for you one day too. (Yeah, I repeated that a lot, but meh...) If your family really is that mean, then you should talk to them about it. Should fix things. (..... What a drag......): Check the first pic I got for Dianne back up. You sure you're fat? And you can't be perfect. No one can. So, don't bother trying. Just be yourself. Don't know yourself? Then, do your best to find out who you really are. I'm sure you will, one day. (............. Not again..........): Now, I don't know if you had your share of living hell or not, but assuming you did, things may change. And you aren't a waste of oxygen. I am. (Ok, seriously, people, you gotta name yourselves when you first talk to others): I told you what I have for you before. I just want you to try to cling to the hope of you finding your soulmate. It may seem impossible, but who knows what fate has in store for you? (Note that I usually would say God instead of fate, but, seeing as you're an atheist, I'll talk with what suits your beliefs) Perhaps what you that'd happen would happen, or perhaps you'd find your soulmate and live happily ever after. No one knows the future........ Heh. Coming from someone who claims to know his future: To be a lone, always hated raven. (Mak): I don't know if you found someone you trust 100% yet, but I assure you that perhaps one day, you'll find one. Just let them in gradually. Be sure that they're worth your trust. Otherwise........ you'll end up just like me....... (Seirra): I hope that one day, you'd either get to be with Max or get over him and find someone else........... Well, that's all I have to say, I guess... (.............. You know my name, "Raven", but I don't know yours..... Sorry......): Thankfully, things are better for you with your sister gone, right? So, I guess I don't really have anything to say, seeing as things are better already 'fore I even showed up. At any case, I hope you have a good life, just like everyone else. (Erin): I'm sorry that I always sounded uncaring for everything you said. It's just that.......... I'm dead now........... At any case, just remember that you aren't the only 'freak' in this world. You aren't alone. Remember that. And I assure you that there's a probability that one day, you'll find your own soulmate. (Sighs heavily.......): I know things seem extremely bad, but I assure you that there's a probability they'll change for the better. Perhaps one day, you'll find someone else to love, your true soulmate. And don't mind the bullies and your so-called-family. They're all scum. You don't deserve all of this. No one does. And do your best to stop cutting, and don't kill yourself any more. Things will change, probably for the better. I promise. Also, I advise you to maybe try the cops. It's your best shot to live a happy life. (Almost done with these nameless people): The only thing I have to say is this: Do your best to stop cutting. It never leads to good........ Heh. Coming from someone who's planning on cutting too..... (Fortunately, this is the last person that I wanna say my goodbye to but I don't know their name): Do your best to stop cutting. It never leads to good......... Heh. It's really funny every time I say that. (Laueren): I don't know if you're a fake or not right now, but I'm putting my money on fake. I told you of the evidence that implies you're a fake in a message. That's all I have to say. (Soul): Everything will probably change for the better for you. You'll be free of him (you know), and you'll find your own soulmate and live happily ever after. There's a high probability this all will happen. And don't try to get me to back out. It's too late now. No one loves, have loved and ever will love me. I'm just unlikeable, which makes me extremely unlovable. (Solome): I don't hate you. I probably never will. I'm not leaving because of you in the slightest. And remember, siblings fight, but that doesn't mean that should get in the way of the love they hold for each other. Just try your best to never do anything mean at all to your siblings. Try to hold it in every time you feel angry, frustrated, annoyed and/or furious. That's how everything will turn out to be ok. You're a good girl. Remember that. (Danielle): The things I said to Soli applies to you too. Even though you're a tiny bit weirder than her and a little less nice, you're still a nice girl. (Josh): Do be sure to at least understand what other people feel. Otherwise, you'll become heartless and cruel enough to the point to make me feel a little disappointed that you go in your room but don't do what you were about to do.

Everyone in general (especially those I didn't mention, whether I forgot them or had nothing to say to them): I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry for all the time I wasted for you. I'm also sorry for making any of you read this. I'm just being selfish and doing what I feel like I should do: Writing a farewell message.

And now, the last person I have in mind.................... (Jennica)

Thank you for killing me. What you did caused all of this, but, on the bright side, I won't be heartbroken again. That experience made me realize so many things. It made me see reality. It made my mind think completely differently than the way I used to think in. Sure, my life will always be filled with emptiness, sorrow, grief, pain, and loneliness, but at least no one will hurt me again.

Guess this is it. I'm done now. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I've finally seen reality. I'm nothing but a worthless, selfish, cruel, useless and harmful, undeserving of life, fat, ugly, sore loser. I deserve punishment, and I'll do it myself. That's why I'll start cutting as soon as I find myself a suitable knife.

This is where it all ends.

Goodbye, everyone............

I'm sorry....................... for everything....................................

Happy Valentine's.

PS: You may all think of me as someone who wants attention. You may think of me as a fake. I could care less. There's no way for me to prove to you that this is real. That's all I have to say.

2nd PS: I've been acting as if your stories were true. I don't say they're lies, nor do I say they're truth. I'm just acting as if they are true. I can't believe them without solid proof, anyways. But I won't be getting any, since I'm leaving, so...... yeah.


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