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Chapter 3

Cachè Rose

by: CaughtUp
Link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/hCyJGhn/Cach-Rose-A-Orginal-Story

Author: Emily http://www.quibblo.com/user/time4dance

Allison: Hello Emily, thanks again for letting me interview you. Yes, the first question is, How did you come up with the amazing plot for this story?

Emily: Well my inspiration will always come from random places and Cachè Rose is no different. It came from the Pretty Liars theme song chorus "I got a secret can you keep it...". I also got it from reading Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter; a series centered around espionage. Then I got the final touch from the T.V show Once Upon A Time. I think it would be cool to live in a place like that. However I am a realist so I made Subon like how any country in that time period would really be like with gender issues. So actually history was a part of my inspiration too.

Allison: For people who didn't read this story before, how would you describe it?

Emily: Well first I would beg you to read it. Anyways I would say it is a story full of adventure, action, plot twists, and a whole lot of languages. There is also supernatural and magic stuff in there. It is basically a love and survival story in classic times.

Allison: Is Circelain based off any person in real life such as your family or friends?

Emily: Circelain is a mix of people. She has some of my friend Jessica with that she is very uncaring on the outside bit cares deeply on the inside. She has some of me in there with her original appearance, not that I'm anywhere as pretty as her. She also has a little bit of classic literature molded into her. In Greek mythology there was a sorceress that enchanted men with her looks than turned then into animals. Her name was Circe. Circelain. Circelain is kind of like that if you take away the turning guys into animals part. Though that could explain Paul's behavior...But Circelain is mostly just from my head.

Allison: Yes, thank you. Did any real life authors or some Quibblo authors inspire you of writing this story?

Emily: Well obviously Ally Carter, the author of Gallagher Girls did with the espionage theme. So did Homer with the Oddesy. I love darkxXxside,s and Linde's fluid styles and I didn't copy their styles because it is their style but I used it as inspiration. This story was meant to be a challange for me. I have a very straightforward style.

Allison: It seems interesting, which genre do you think Cache Rose will fit in?

Emily: I think Cachè Rose would most likely be romance, adventure/action, or fantasy. Or possibly all of these. I need to find out what you would call that! Any ideas? Roventursy maybe?

Allison: Oh, yes, that is a great mix. Anyways, if so, do you want to become a writer in the future and publish this book?

Emily: Honestly I'm not quite sure. There are so many great writters up here and it would be quite daunting to send in a book for publishing. I'm actually leaning more towards athletics or OT (occupational therapy) as a career goal but if all else fails I guess I could fall back on writting. Honestly I am not planning on publishing Cachè Rose. Cachè Rose was and still is an experiment. An experiment that has turned out beuatifully so far but it is still an experiment. However I am planning on making a sequel after I finish Cachè Rose. It will be called Sara Regina. No promises as nothing is final, I still have to finish this story!

Allison: Out of the character's, who's point of view did you like writing the best?

Emily: I like Circelain/Rose's P.O.V. and Paul (Xavier) is intresting but he isn't my favorite. I do go back to Rose's P.O.V. a lot, mostly because this is her story. However my favorite P.O.V. is Ann's. She is so young and innocent yet so expossed and wise. She is a very unique and intresting character and I hope her thoughts, feelings, actions, and words show that.

Allison: Are you going to finish this wonderful story?

Emily: I sure hope so. Again as I said above I might even make a sequel.

Allison: Which do you like best, the reads, ratings, or comments?

Emily: Well all of them are lovely. I do like comments with constructive criticism. Linde never fails to enlighten me with constructive criticism that is benificisl. I don't always understand her but once I figure it out I use it to better my writting. And I'm a teenage girl, I need to be told how great I am. Kidding.

Allison: Thank you, and we all hope that you will write a lot more wonderful stories like Cachè Rose. It is delightful. Once again, Emily, I thank you for answering these questions and letting me interview you.

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