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Chapter 21


by: CaughtUp
Link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/hSarYeq/Trivium

Author: Anna http://www.quibblo.com/user/Black_Star1199


Allison: First question. How did you come up with the plot for 'Trivium'?

Anna: I don't know really. I've been always coming up with different stories from when I was little. I first started thinking about Trivium's plot when I was about seven years old. Avatar: the last airbender was what I would say inspired me to think up Trivium's storyline.

Allison: Do you enjoy writing the story and are you going to continue it until it ends?

Anna: Yes, I really enjoy writing it. Of course I will finish it, but it will be very long. Hopefully I will get it published one day.

Allison: So does that mean if you had the chance, you would like to be a writer and publish the book?

Anna: Of course I would. I am planning on another story right now, but it won't be on quibblo, since its going to be in a graphic novel format. It would be great to publish Trivium, and a dream come true for it to become a worldwide phenomenon like "Harry potter", or "the hunger games".

Allison:Can you explain what the plot is about?

Anna: It's rather long, but I'm going to make it as short as I can -and without spoilers-

Trivium takes place in future Europe -which is now called Trivium- and is divided in six states: Nix, Lix, Ventus, Fulgur, Terra and Corvus. A war started (for a reason I cannot say right now -spoiler) between the states of Nix and Terra. Then Corvus and Nix joined the war. Fulgur was anihillated in a civil war, and Ventus decided to remain neutral.

500 years after the war started, a young girl Mikayella Hartzler was born, and she was Nix's feudal lord's step daughter. After her mother died -who was a very good friend of the Feudal Lord's- he took custody of her. No one knew where her father was -apart from her dead mother-.

One day, Mikayella's stepfather decided to kill her -can say why spoiler- but her stepmother and her step uncle helped her escape. After she slipped through the crowd of Nix soldiers, two of them was on her tail. As she tried to escape, she fell of a cliff, and she remained in a coma for a year -can't say how she survived for a year spoiler-. The soldiers thought she was dead, so they left.

When Mikayella woke up, she started to realise that many of the things she thought about her life were lies. Then between the border of Nix and Lix -P.S: Nix and Lix were enemies- she found four siblings from Lix. She didn't tell them who she really was, but they welcomed her anyway. From then on, Mikayella is known as Kayla. She finds more things about her past on the way, including why her stepfather tried to kill her, who she really is, what her role in this world is, why she's special -okay that's not so much of a spoiler-, and who her father is.

I love the fact that I said I'll try to keep it short.

Allison: Well, thank you for describing the plot with great explanation. Almost without spoilers. Don't want to ruin it! Next question, do you enjoy the rates, the comments, or the reads the most?

Anna: Well, I enjoy every single one, but I enjoy the comments the most. They tell me how good my story is, and in what I should improve.

Allison: That was the last question! :) Thank you for accepting my interview and participating in it.

Anna: It was my pleasure. Thank you for interviewing me.

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