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Reviews of stories that I enjoyed reading. Great ratings, a lot of reads (not always) and good comments. All of the chapters count as real stories in Quibblo.
Still taking requests, please message if you want me to do an interview with you.

Chapter 2

I'll Fly too Far

by: CaughtUp
Link: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/i4n89yo/Ill-Fly-too-Far

Author: Ellye http://www.quibblo.com/user/Ellye

Allison: Hello Ellye, thank you for accepting to do the interview. Now may we start. The first question is that I'm sure we were all wondering, but may I ask, how did you come up with this story?

Ellye: Whenever I write, I just start with a simple scene. Often, that scene is someone sitting in nature and admiring it or an intense argument. After that, I just add pieces to it and, before I know it, it's all fitting together. Like a giant puzzle.

Allison: Yes, the characters, Bailey and Mara, are they based on one of your friends? Did you make them up, or are they similar to you?

Ellye: Bailey and Mara aren't really based on anyone, but some parts of Mara remind me of myself. I'm very curious about everyone else's business, and I have a tendency to worry about people a lot if they're late.

Allison: Can you describe the story, for people who haven't read it before?

Ellye: I'll Fly too Far is about a love triangle between two girls and a boy. It's set in the future, where all children and teenagers are forced to live in "houses", random abandoned homes, to keep them safe from the deadly Disease that is going around. These two girls and the boy end up in the same house. The girls have both fallen for the boy, one in secret and one openly, when the one hiding her feelings finds a love poem she thinks is from him to her. In the end, the secret admirer and the boy get together, and the other girl finds someone else.

Allison: Did anyone in Quibblo or real life authors inspire you to make this story?

Ellye: Quibblos Contest helped inspire me, of course, but other than that it was an original.

Allison: It seems interesting, which genre do you think I'll Fly too Far will fit in?

Ellye: I think it's probably science fiction, if you mean general genres, because it is set in the future and has a disease that does not exist yet. Also, it is, of course, a romance.

Allison: If so, do you want to become a writer in the future and publish this book?

Ellye: I don't think I would pick this book to publish, but I do want to be a writer.

Allison: *Out of the character's, who's point of view did you like writing the best? *
Ellye: I liked writing Bailey's point of view because she's way more adventurous and outgoing than I am. Her personality just strikes me as very interesting.

Allison: *Are you going to finish this wonderful story? *

Ellye: I have wrapped it up for now, but, of course, there is much more to tell. I don't really know quite yet.

Allison: Which do you like best, the reads, ratings, or comments?

Ellye: I received the best comments. Most people that rated (but not all) gave me five stars, which was good too.

Allison: Yes, thank you. We will do more interviews if you agree to make a lot of delightful good stories like these. Thank you again, Ellye, for answering my questions.

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