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BTW if you signed up for my other one it was canceled, don't yell at me, but I have my reasons and want to keep them between me.

Chapter 1

Here's my idea!

Two groups in a new country off the coast of England are at war. There are the only two parties in the country and are fighting over oligarchy or democracy. Currently the country is in Anarchy.

7 children who are part of the same party are fighting to make their mark. They have each been recruited and are on a top secret missionand have a specific team that makes them important to the team. The team is unique and many were forced to do this.

I don't want it to be a perfect team, add some conflicts, allainces, crushes, anthing like that. DOn't make it boring, you can even kill off characters (if you and the other author agree.)

I want fast but good writers that won't take forever to make a chapter, no offense to anyone. I will set a date line for each chapter, if you don't finish in time, you just have to explain why and I might give you more time to write. Though the deadlines are something crazy like YOU GET ONE DAY FOR WRITING YOUR AMAZING CHAPTER! No, its more like a week and 2 days really.

I will help you if you get writers block, and will tell anyone if they need to include something specific in their chapter.

Make the characters unquie, dont make your parents dead, that is in every story. Make the character truly original, not something you'd see everyday. If you do this, you'll most likely be chosen.

You need to include:
Weapon of choice:
Relation with other characters: (Fill out after choosen)

Here's my character for reference and an example!
Name:Robert James "RJ" Kylane
Specialty: Electrical expert/ infiltry
Weapon of choice: All kinds of gadget
Age: 16
Personality: really nerdy, loyal, leader
Looks:sort of handsome, spikey hair, brunette, glasses, wears a jacket all the time to hide some burns
Backstory: One of the first families on the new country, one of the first to fight. Got into electronics and gadgets in England, liked to prank others in his old school.
Relation with other characters: (Fill out after choosen)
Family: Father's the leader of the party, mother stayed back in England. Only child. Uncle killed the leader of the first party which sparked the rivalry.

Good Luck ;P

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