Characters brought to you by:

volleyballgirl527: Lucy Rose Stevens
BeautifulButterfly: Skylar Stella Gonzalez
yutty: Nicola Adams
Cool2twin (me): Victor Henri

Chapter 1

Victor Henri

by: Cam12
We climbed out of my families SUV. The sun shined into my eyes, for once it wasn't cloudy. In Dallas, we always had clouds and rain, but here in Galveston it was warm and the air was salty. I would take salt over pollution any day.

My sister was jumping out her pants, all excited about our trip. She was eight, and as hyper as a squirrel on espresso. She had forgotton her medicine for the first time this month on the one day we would have to wait in huge lines.

We almost didn't catch the shuttle but we did actually get good seats up front. My parents and my sister sat down on the bench, while I used the handle bar thingy that helped you stand up.

I looked over to my left and saw a girl about my age looking over at us. She had black hair that was held back into a ponytail. Once she noticed I spotted her, she turned her head and started talking to the man next to her.

The shuttle ride wasn't long, and soon we were off and into a building with lines that were ment to lead people through to the ladies at the counter, but there was no one in the lines. I knew we were late, but I didn't no we were this late.

My father payed for our tickets and we walked down this hallway that looked liked it went on for a mile. Linzy grabbed my head, she was real shy around new people. She whispered in my ear, "Where we going?"

She has asked the question once or twice evey hour since we left the house but she never understood. I simply answered, "On a big boat." Linzy smiled at my answer and was satisfied.

We walked over to a picture booth that was required for us to take. At the end of the cruise we would get a family portrait for free to remind us of our memories. The photographer raised his camera asn said, "OK, smile."

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