Quibblo Survey

Chapter 1


What's your username and nickname?

Did you keep Quibblo as a friend?
yep, I did.

Who is in your profile photo?
Just me.

Did you make your own theme or use a preset one?
Made my own.

Why did you pick your background?
It's a piece of art by Dorothy Hardy. It depicts Fenrir and Odin battling at Ragnarök, when Fenrir will kill Odin. Fenrir is one of my favorite "characters" in Norse mythology along with his sons Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson as well as his father, Loki.

How many friends do you have?
Right now, 304.

How many stories or quizzes have you taken? How many have you made?
Taken: 3,836... Made: 193

Who made the last quiz you took?

Who wrote the last story you read?

Who have you know the longest on Quibblo?
Andy. http://www.quibblo.com/user/leniknik

Is there anything you don't like about Quibblo?
The things I don't like about Quibblo are of no fault of the website's, but of the people who are on it.

Are you on any other sites like this one?
No, I'm not on any other social/qiuz sites. I'm on Sporcle, which is a trivia site, but it's not like Quibblo.

Do you think you've been on here longer or shorter than most?
Longer. I joined back in 2008 with another profile, during the end of my senior year in high school (http://www.quibblo.com/user/ForEastieWeSing). I enjoyed it for a long while, 2 years according to my last sign in on the old profile...then college and life took over and I wasn't online as much let alone on quibblo. Then I joined again in the summer of 2011, before my senior year of college.

Is your real age on your profile?


Is there anyone you dislike on here?
Possibly, but it's rare. If that happens I don't tend to interact with that person.

What do you like to post on your profile?
Post? Like quizzes and stuff? Mostly polls and surveys. I don't tend to write stories. I only have one actual story on here...other "stories" are mostly surveys.

What would you do if Quibblo ever shut down?
Probably spend much less time procrastinating online haha


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