The New Found Hope (A 2011 One Direction Love Story) (END) (READ LATEST CHAPTER PLEASE)

Chapter 45

Missing (Final Chapter)

Authors Note: Ok, I guess this will be the last chapter, I'm thinking of a sequel... Anyone want to help?

I was walking around the park, thinking of my new child. I am only four months pregnant, and I'm already thinking of names. I was thinking if he was a boy, I would name him Ashton, and if she was a girl, I would name her Mika.
Suddenly, someone hit me in the head hard, knocking me out cold.

~Kelly's POV~
I was at Kristy's place babysitting Margret and David getting worried, Kristy was supposed to be back three hours ago, She wouldn't answer her phone, or reply to my texts, and that was scaring me. She always answers her phone and reply to my texts, and I mean always.
I sighed and called Niall.
"Hey Kelly what's up?" Niall asked.
"Kristy, she's not back yet, and she's not answering her phone, nor is she replying to my texts." I responded.
"I'm on my way," Niall said and hung up.

~Two Weeks Later~
Kristy was missing again, and this time, we don't know who took her...

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