The New Found Hope (A 2011 One Direction Love Story) (END) (READ LATEST CHAPTER PLEASE)

Chapter 3

Chapter Two

(Niall's POV)

Kristy. I can't get her out of my head. I can't like her like this, she has just been through abuse she shouldn't be in a relationship where she could get hurt again. I am going to keep her safe, that might have to include me. I don't want her in pain.
That is why she lives with Louis.
Every night for the past two weeks since I met her I have had nightmares about her father hurting her again. Of him finding her and abusing her infront of my eyes. She is special not like anyone else. I can't fall for her after everything she has been through though.
"NIALL!" I was snapped out of my day dream by Louis yelling in my face.
"What?" I asked
"We just suggested food and you didn't respond!" Liam said in shock.
"FOOD!!!!" I yelled jumping up.
"There is the reaction we expected!" Harry laughed.
I blushed "hurry up then!"
"We are waiting for Kirsty, she is just getting dressed" Zayn says while styling his hair.
"I can't believe you found her Niall, you saved her from pain" he smiled.
"Does she mean a load to you mate?" I asked not wanting him to say he likes her. Oh please please please.
"She is like a fifth sister" Louis grins.
I almost sigh in relief but nobody else can know how I feel. Thank god for that. It was the perfect answer.
"Hey guys where are we going?" Kristy asks walking into the room.
"To eat" Harry smiles.
"What were you thinking about before that made you miss the discussion about food?" Zayn asked.
I blushed.
"Ooooo a girl do I know her?" Louis squeals excited.
"No" i lie not wanting the conversation to go further.
"Nando's?" Zayn asks me knowing my answer.

this chapter is short sorry I didn't know what else to write at the moment as Niall

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