The New Found Hope (A 2011 One Direction Love Story) (END) (READ LATEST CHAPTER PLEASE)

Chapter 2

Chapter One

I packed up my stuff as the final bell rung. I sighed when I got outside. 'I so do not want to go home.' I thought as I began to walk home. On my way home my phone rang. "Hey dad." I say in my best cheerful voice.

"Where are you?" He demanded, anger in his voice.

"Dad, i just got out of school not even five minutes ago." I tell him.

"Don't talk back to me young lady." My father tells me raising his voice.

"Sorry." I tell him, trying to hide the fear in my voice. 'I am going to have so much fun once I get home.' I thought sarcastically.

"Well you should be, now hurry up. If you're not home in ten minutes, you're going to get it." And with that he hung up. I groaned and hurried home.

When I walked in the door, my father was waiting for me. "You're late." He growled.

Before I could say anything, he grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the basement. Once I was in the basement, he began to hit me, over, and over again. I tried to hold back the tears, knowing the tears would only make it worse. About half an hour later, he stormed out of the room. I waited five minutes after he stormed out of the room before letting my tears out.

~Two months later, summer~

"Dad?" I asked.

"Yes Kristy?"

"May I go to the park please?" I asked.

"Yes, you may. Be back in 4 hours."

"Thank you dad."

"Your welcome Kristy."

And with that I grabbed my guitar and some paper for writing lyrics, and walked outside.

When I got to the abandoned park, (No one goes here, don't know why though)

I got my book of lyrics and began to make a new song, this time, I made this about me.

"Why do you hurt me so...? Why don't you lo-ove me? I don't understa-and why you do this to me, I don't understand why you hate me so." I paused and wrote the lyrics and notes down. After several minutes later, I finally finished the song.

I took a deep breath and began to sing.

VS1: "Why do you hurt me so...? Why don't you lo-ove me...I don't understa-and why do you do this to me? Why do you hate me so?"

I did a little guitar solo before I began to sing again.

Chorus: "What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve your hatred? Please, oh please tell me what I did wrong. Please, oh please tell me what I did to deserve your hatred."

After a minute or so of a guitar solo, I began to sing again.

VS2: I can't believe this. I can't believe that you were once so loving. What changed? Did you even love me? Was that all an act? Please tell me it wasn't. Please tell me you'll change back to the loving father you once were..." I took a deep breath preparing myself to sing the second chorus.

Chorus 2: Why do you hit me? Why do you hate me? Why, oh why are you so cruel? You hit me and threaten me, and I don't understand why..."

I did a loud guitar solo and began to sing the last verse

VS3: Why do this to me... Why do you hit me... Why do you strangle me? Why do you threaten me? I thought you were supposed to love me, care for me, not hate me, or threaten to kill me... O-oh, yea-ah."

~Niall's POV: I was walking at a park that I noticed to be abandoned. Suddenly I saw a girl with red hair sit down at a bench, guitar case in one hand and a folder in the other. She took out some paper and then she took the guitar out of the case. She looked sad and was wearing a blue long sleeved shirt and jeans. She was also wearing a scarf around her neck. 'Why is she wearing those, it's warm out here.' I thought.

Then she began to move her lips and play the guitar. She was singing softly, so I didn't hear what she was singing. I wanted to move, but something about her made me stay. Several minutes later I hear her sing.

As she sung the first cord. Confusion filled my face. 'Is that song about her, or someone else?' I thought.

"What did I do wrong? What did I do to deserve your hatred? Please, oh please tell me what I did wrong. Please, oh please tell me what I did to deserve your hatred. I hear her sing. Getting worried, I began to listen harder.

Why do this to me... Why do you hit me... Why do you strangle me? Why do you threaten me? I thought you were supposed to love me, care for me, not hate me, or threaten to kill me... O-oh, yea-ah."

After a few seconds, I realize she was done singing. Starting to get scared I walk up to the girl. When I was next to her, she looked up, and I could've sworn I saw fear in her eyes.

~Reg. POV~ I was sitting on the bench, my back against the railing, and my feet on the bench across from me when I see a boy with blond hair come next to me. I look up to see his worried blue eyes. Fear flashed through my eyes, but I quickly hid it, "Can I help you?" I asked, hoping he didn't hear me sing.

He nods, and began to speak in an irish accent. "That song you sung, was that about you?"

Fear enters my eyes again, but I struggle to hide it. "No." I lie, hoping I he wouldn't notice.

He knelt down next to me. "Can you tell me who's hitting you?" He ask.

"What are you talking about?" I ask hoping he wouldn't detect the fear that I so desperately try to hide.

"Ma'am, I can hear the fear in your voice, I know you're being abused, and I need to know who?"

I closed my eyes, knowing I couldn't lie myself out of his knowing glance. "I can't tell you." I whisper.

"Why not?" He ask.

I pull my legs close to my body and hug my knees. "I just can't." I responded.

"Why not?" He asked again.

I was about to speak when my phone rang. "Hey dad." I say in a cheerful voice.

"Where are you?" He asked.

"At the park, remember." I tell him.

"You're still there? You were supposed to be back fifteen minutes ago." He responded.

I look at my watch. It's only been two and a half hours since I been here, "Dad, you said I could stay for four hours, it's only been two and a half." I explain.

"Don't talk back to me young lady. Now get your a** back in the house now." And with that he hung up.

"I have to go." I tell the boy.

"Is it your dad?" He ask.

I didn't stop walking, I didn't want to answer him, but I was afraid if I didn't, he would know that he was right. "What do you mean?" I ask playing dumb.

"You know what I meant." He tells me.

"Oh, that." I say.

He suddenly was next to me. "Hey, I know we don't know each other, but you can tell me about your father, I can help you get out of there." He tells me.

I shook my head. "I don't know what you're talking about." I tell him picking up my pace causing my shoulder length red hair to bounce.

"Ma'am, please tell me the truth." He begged. I didn't answer this time. My concern was getting home before my father flipped. The boy was next to me again. "Ma'am, please tell me. I can't bare to think that you're being abused and are still living with your abuser." I ignored him.

'Why does he care?' I thought, 'I don't even know him.'

"Ma'am. Please. What if he kills you. Part of the lyrics say that he threatens to kill you, what if that happens?" He ask. I didn't stop walking, no matter how much I wanted to, "Ma'am. If he kills you, I will blame myself." I stopped walking then. "I know we don't know eachother, but I know you're being abused by your father, and if he kills you, I would blame myself knowing that I could've done something to help." He tells me.

'He actually cares for my safely?' I thought shocked.

"Of course I care about your safely. No one should be abused, and I mean no one." The boy tells me,

"Wait, did I say that outloud?" I ask. The boy nods.I stay silent for a few. "I have to go." I tell him as I feel tears forming. No one has ever cared about me, well except for my mom and my dad before he started hitting me but still, and what also a shock to me, is I believe him.

"Ma'am please tell me the truth! I can't bare the thought of a possibility that you'll be killed!" The boy begs some more, fear in his voice.

"Why do you care?" I hear myself asking as I continued walking.

"Because, I hate it when people abuse others, and besides that you seem to be a nice person." He tells me walking next to me.

My phone rang again. "Hey dad." I tell him.

"Where are you?" He asked sounding drunk.

"I'm ten minutes away," I tell him.

"Well hurry up! I don't have all day!" He tells me and hung up.

I put my tongue on the roof of my mouth, making sure I don't talk outl oud. 'Great, he 's drunk, which means, he'll strangle me and kick me on my stomach.'

I picked up my pace again and so did the boy. "What are you doing?" I ask

"Making sure your father won't abuse you." He responded.

Fear digged through my body. "I don't think so." I tell him not wanting the beating to get any worse.

"Ma'am, please. You don't deserve being abused!" The boy begged. I stopped walking and spun to face him.

"Yes I do!" I started. "I deserve this, ok, so leave me alone!" I finished as with raised voice, and began to hurry home.

"No you don't. No one deserves that." The boy tells me catching up with me.

"How do you know! You don't even know me!" I yelled.

"I don't care. Unless you asked for him to hit you, he shouldn't be hitting you." He tells me.

I go silent. 'How do I get him to go away?' I thought.

"Tell me the truth so I can get help." He answers.

I groan. "I seriously need to stop doing that." I mumble.

"Ma'am." He started

"I don't care, go away." I interrupted.

"I am not going anywhere until I know you're safe, away from your abusive father." He tells me.

I groan. "Tell me this ma'am, do you enjoy being abused?" He ask.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I don't." I tell him.

"Then tell me the truth, please." I look at him with a glare, but that glare soon disappears as I see fear in his eyes.

"You're scared?" I asked.

"Yes, I am." He responded.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because, I am scared that your father will hurt you a lot more than he usually does, especially since he called you twice."

Suddenly my phone rang. "Hey dad."

"Where are you?" He asked sounding even more drunk and way more angry."

"I'm almost there, probably 5 more minutes." I lie to him for the first time since mom died.

"Good, now hurry up." And with that he hung up.

I look at Niall who looked confused. I swallowed. I couldn't believe I lied to my father. If he finds out I would be in so much trouble. 'Why did I lie to him?' I thought. Then a thought popped into my mind.'He was scared because he called twice. He was scared that he would hurt me worce than usual. And he was right. And now that I lied, I would be in more trouble.' I took a deep breath before touching my scarf. I took another deep breath as I took it off revealing the bruises. I look at the boy who had a look of pure shock in his face.

"My father did this to me last night. He does that when I'm late. He hits me everyday." I start and I rolled up my sleeves revealing the bruises along my arms. "I also have some on my back, and legs." I finished.

"I'm calling the police." He tells me. I nod. "What's your name anyways?" He ask.

"Krisy." I tell him.

He nod and says "My name is Niall." I nod and he dials 911.

After telling them what happened and where we were he handed the phone to me and I told them where my father lived. Once that was settled I waited with Niall a bench.

Niall's phone rang and he answered it. "Yeah?" He paused. "Oh, I'm at the park I walk." He paused. "Liam, can you put me on speaker please." Another pause."Thanks." Another pause. "Ok, so I'm not going to details, but as I was walking, I heard a girl named Kristy singing a song she made. She was being abused by her father, so I am going to stay with her until the cops arrive." He paused, than a confused look appeared on his face. "Um, ok. I'll put you on speaker." He then pushed the speaker button. I hear a familiar voice talk, "Krisy, I got a question for you, is your mom's name Margret?" He ask. Shock filled my face.

"How did you know?" I ask.

"Well, you may not remember me, but my name is Louis Tomlinson, your mom was friends with my mom." Louis responded.

My face turned to a grin. "So that's why I recognized your voice!" I said excitedly.

Louis chuckled. "Niall, do you know what police station you're going to?: Louis asked.

"No, but the police are here so I will ask them." Niall tells Louis.


~Two weeks later~ I was giggling so hard. Who knew Louis's friends were so funny. I yawned. "Well, I'm going to bed, night,"

"Night." They all echoed.

I smiled as got ready for bed. I'm glad I told Niall about my father abusing me. Now I am living with Louis, and I think I'm falling for Niall, but I can't be sure.

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