The New Found Hope (A 2011 One Direction Love Story) (END) (READ LATEST CHAPTER PLEASE)

Chapter 1


One teenaged girl had an ordanary life with her parents. But that all changed when her mother dies from a fatal car crash when she turns 13. After that, everything begins to change. Her father starts drinking, her 'friends' start abandoning her, and worst of all, her father begins to abuse her. Soon after her father began to hit her, she finds herself in an abusive relationship. Too scared to tell anyone about her father, she keeps quiet. After 2 1/2 years of dating her abusive boyfriend, she finally gets the courage to dump him. Now 17, her father is still hitting her. Sometimes even strangling her, threatening to kill her if she tells anyone. With that threat she keeps quite, glad she don't have any friends for once. But that all changed when a boy from a famous boy band catches her at a park alone singing a song he have never heard before

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