Guardian of Halloween

Chapter 1


Information of Character

Name (first, last): Hecate Herman

Nickname: Cate


Birthday (if known0): October 31, 1982

Gender: Female

Species: Guardian (Human)

About Him/Her

Represent a Holiday? (If so which one): Halloween

Represent a Season? (If so which one): N/A

Personality: A bit of a child, she likes to play jokes on people and she can be annoying sometimes but she has a good heart. She loves making children happy. (comment if you need more)

Likes: babies, children, laughter, fun, etc...

Dislikes: Pitch, evil

Powers/Abilities: She can shapeshift into a black cat, she can also spread an orange/yellow/red dust on kids to make them happy during halloween. Others will be revealed later on.

Family and Friends

Parents (if known): Unknown

Best Friends: Jack, Tooth

Friends: North, Bunnymund, Sandman

Rivals: N/A

Crush: Jack

Relatives: None

Pets/Workers (ex: Santa has elves/yetis): She has little demon creatures as her workers.

Looks and Appearance

Appearance (picture or not):


Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Time of Day: Twilight

Favorite Holiday: Halloween XD

Favorite Color: Black


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