Leine's diary

Leine's diary

Hello fellow Quibblonians! Welcome to my diary/blog! This is (hopefully) going to be a day-to-day record of all the stuff I'm thinking or doing! Yay! Please read and come back to update yourself on my life!!

( 've just realised that sounds like I'm inviting someone to stalk me...)

Chapter 1

Tuesday 5th February 2013

00:09AM GMT
Leine's bedroom, North Yorkshire, England, UK

Yawn It's just gone midnight and I have just finished reading the best fanfiction I've ever read! It was a Hetalia one and it was awesome! Thankfully it never had any p0rn in it so my mind is still relatively innocent and I won't require intense counselling to remove any disturbing mental images that may have been forced into my mind after reading a ... naughty... fanfiction.

I am currently debating with myself who America best suits in Hetalia. I know not Belarus, that's for sure. But who? Also, just been finding out about 2P Hetalia and I feel sad. 1P Hetalia characters are perfect! They don't need to all be evil psychopaths! But Hetalia should totally incorporate England and love for cupcakes into the actual series- CUPCAKES ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Thinking about Hetalia: Beautiful World. Can someone PLEASE sub the trailer because I can't read Japanese! I should though, because then I won't have to wait for subs and spend the days until the subs come out by counting down the days till it does and rolling on the floor in a state of meaninglessness in the mean time.

Meaninglessness is an epic word!

Today I am going to have Pop Tarts for the first time in two days! Yay! Pop Tarts are the best!!! I like the chocolate ones because chocolate is awesome. Which reminds me, when I was in Year One I always wrote chocolate like chocalate and no matter how many times the teacher told me it was spelt chocolate I refused to change my mind.

By the way, I have an EPIC announcement!!!!!!!!! :-)

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