I may have a small obsession.... ^_^"

Chapter 1


Ok, ok..... so i love anime and all that and i will watch an anime obsess over it for a bit and then be done.... not this time, i have been watching Darker than Black, finished it so i read the manga..... finished it, i am now watching Darker than Black, Gemini of the Meteor. and i am so in-love with it! I am watching the AMV's reading fan art and manga and novels and and and faints.

wakes up ok sorry about that, so the reason why i have wrote this is because i am calling out to you my friends because i need from you guys some...... HELP! I NEED SOMETHING ELSE TO DO!!!!! I normally obsess over boys or something but no! no boys, just Hei..... and and and, i need something else something better! I AM GOING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! so help please someone?


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