One Direction One Shots/Imagines

Hello my fellow Directioners!
I wanted to started writing one shots so I hope you like them and if you want one just comment:
Name/Boy/Hair Colour/Eye colour,
And if you want a special scenario just mention that in your comment.

Chapter 1

Standing Alone

You where new at this school and it was a few weeks into the year. A group of popular girls walked up to you giggling before one stood in front of you. Your blue/green eyes darted up to meet her dark brown orbs.
"So listen, we're going to invite you to this thing and you have to dress casual, okay, like a T." She sighed flicking her hair off her shoulder,
"Um, sure," You were a little suspicious at first but you wanted to make some new friends here so you agreed.
"Good it's at 7:30 meet us here." She gave you an address and waltzed off with her crew before you could speak again.

It was 7:15 and you walked down to the 'thing' in a red casual skater type dress with a black cardie thrown over top.
"Uh, you're here." The brown-eyed bottle-blonde sighed. You were about to ask her name but you noticed how dressed up and fancy the group looked, "My daddy bought all the tickets for the floor so I can invite anyone I wanted." She bragged. You soon realised you were about to see a concert and she continued, "You have to stand right at the back as far away from the stage as possible so you can hold our bags." The group started to giggle as they dropped their expensive handbags into your arms and you followed them into the stadium.
You recognised it to be a One Direction concert by the amount of signs placed in the seats with things like "I love you!" Scribbled on them.
Meanwhile The boys were being filled in on why the floor would look empty.
The countdown started on the big screens and everyone started screaming. You looked up onto the stage as five boys ran out, you walked up closer to get a better look and none of the popular girls seemed to notice. You watched the boy named Louis for pretty much the entire song and at the end he looked down and saw you. He smiled and threw a famous hip thrust your way, but that made the girls notice you. They pushed you back and screamed at you to stay. You looked back to Louis who was whispering something to a security guard and then pointed at you.
At first you thought you were in trouble but when the guard reached you he put something around your neck and lead you to the side of the stage. He told you to stay and you looked at the lanyard it said 'Backstage Meet and Greet."

After the concert was finish you where taken to a room where the boys were.
"Hello love!" Louis chirped brightly,
"Hi," You squeaked out before clearing your throat and trying again, "Hello, I'm Abby."
"Well this is Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall and I'm your new boyfriend," Louis grinned.

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