Good bye everyone~


Chapter 1

the last

by: ErinEdan
I had a fun time while it lasted theres just no point to be on anymore I can't write after awhile and well I guess I'm just making up excuses so ill shut up.
i met some great people and I honestly thank you for your'll honestly never see me again so I wanted to do a formal goodbye, I will be deleting tomorrow.
It not like anyones gone miss me any waysxD Trust me I'm not just saying that for attention most of my friends really don't care...
I really hope you all enjoyed my short what every you call them poetry stories because honestly I loved writing them and having people reading them. Thats probably what Im going to miss most after I delete this account. I mean its to like if I get bored I can't just make another one its not that hard.
My last thing I would like to say is that I cherish all of the friendships I've made on here, your all amazing people I'm glad I have the honor of getting to know better.
Well this is the end, the real real end. Not that other thing I posted about "sorta" deleting this is the real thing:o
I think this is the longest thing I've wrote in awhile but its a goodbye letter so its sort of depressing...Well I'm stalling by now so I better finish this.
My last thing ill every post will be this though and that makes me sort of sad..
I wish y'all the best.
- Erin


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