The Lone Wolf's Prowl: Dairy of An Elf Hybrid

The Lone Wolf's Prowl: Dairy of An Elf Hybrid

He's a cute little elf boy just trying to find his place in the world. Anyone want to be his girlfriend?

Chapter 1

January 12, 2013, Saturday afternoon

Two more days till I go to my new school! First of all, this is not a dairy, it's a journal. I tend to travel alot, it's pretty cool too! I'm Justin, Justin Sanchez. Now, I have a huge question... how did my journal end up in your possesion? I'm not going to threat you to put it down since I have no idea who you are and I absoultley hate violence. But please, please, please put my journal down. Anyways, for those of you people, or creatures I don't judge, who haven't put it down I bet you started to read this to find some juicey secrets, which you will learn soon. Anyways, starting points: I'm a brittish guy, born in England, a skater boy, and I have a big secret that I will never tell you!!!!! Anyways, let me give you some advice. Trust no one, the one time you should trust some one is when they tell wiy a secret their whole fate depends on. Take Lizz for example, my first friend.

You see, when I was a kid I made friend's with this red-headed girl named Lizz. She was extremly awesome and she was even the one who taught me to use a skateboard. Everday we would meet in the woods near my house. Then one day I summoned up all my courage and told her my big secret. She looked bewildered and said she had to go but she'll be back tommarow. Being only seven I believed her and went through the rest of my day happily. I waited where we ussaully met day after day, month after month for a bit more then a year, when I finally lost hope. On my nineth birthday I started to cut and cry myself to sleep every night. Then around six months later when I was cutting, Lizz came in mt bedroom. "Justin..." She started, her hands behind her back, "I have a secret too... I'm the princess of England," she told me putting a crown on... I miss Lizz... I've gotten a bit addicted to cutting... I'm sorry, this is fiering up my sadness, see ya later journal.

Hello! If anyone read this I want to say THAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Anyways see that picture? If u want a closer view he's in this picture:

If u think he's cute or hot, or anything like that then don't hesitate to create a female character like yourself and send a picture. One of you might be able to make this little elf guy happy, but be warned, he's very picky for who he hangs out with, especially dating.


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