Everything You Do Is Magic ~ A One Direction Group Story

Everything You Do Is Magic ~ A One Direction Group Story

Hey! Hannah and Kelly here with an... unusual 1D fanfic for you :)

Chapter 2

Kayla's Pov

Okay first let me introduce myself. I'm Kayla Wood and I'm 17 years old. My best friend is Melody Keaggy. She is the best and always puts me in a cheerful mood all of the time. I cut because of the bullying, it never stops and I told Melody about my cutting and the bullying. She couldn't stop from me cutting but always shows sympathy and actually yelled at the bullies for bullying me. I hate school and my favorite place is to go is the ocean. I'm part of mermaid and its the best thing in the world!

I was in my secret cave that only Melody knew about. I was daydreaming when I looked to see Melody. I was smiling, I haven't seen her since she just graduated school. She bent down to hug me and I hugged back.

Melody grabbed my wrist and asked "Cutting in the water this time?"

I frowned and said "Yeah I have".

Melody quickly changed the subject and asked "Anything cool in the ocean?"

I said "Yeah everything especially the dolphins. I rode with one today, they are so cute".

Melody smiled and said "You love dolphins".

I smiled back and said "I know they are my favorite animal".

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