This Is My Life~ Original Story

This Is My Life~ Original Story

Okay, This Is My Life is about a girl,named Haylie, who just moved to Pennsylvania. She moves and is greeted by the bullies in Mozart Middle School. Please read and comment if you want me to continue.
Theme Song: Pressure by Paramore

Chapter 1

New Day, New School

How can this get any worse, I just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania, and today I am starting at new school! I climbed into the car parked in the drive way and my mother began to drive. I was silent the whole way there. what if no one accepts me there! What kind I make a fool of myself! I thought. Turns out I didn't have to make a fool of myself, it seems I just had to walk in!
I stepped into school and looked for locker 133. I was nervous. I heard laughing behind me, so I looked over my shoulder. The laughing stopped, and I New I was the one being laughed at. I don't know why I was being laughed at, but sure enough, when I looked back in front of me, the laughing started again. That was so fast, what are they laughing at? My clothes, my hair, maybe even my face. Don't let them get to you. Maybe they're laughing at something else I tried telling myself, but it seemed that part was under lock and key. Now I heard in my head they are laughing at you.
No! I can't think like that! At least not on my first day! I crashed away from there and now searched frantically for my locker, I hope it's as far away from those girls who were giggling like that! Finally, I found it!

After I found my locker I quickly put my books in and walked to class. I hope I get a seat in the back, because with what just happened, I don't think I can risk a seat up front or even a seat in the middle. I walked into my science class. I handed my teacher the slip and he told me to sit anywhere. I looked for a back seat and I didn't find one, so I sat closest to the back as I could get. Why did I have to move from Florida! I actually had friends there! No one made fun of me! I only was here ten minutes and I knew that the rest of the year's is going to be full of tears, pain, and bullying.

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