One Step Out The Window

This is a story of a young man, who uncovers a family secret hidden for several years, and it revolves around his grandfather, a sad pitiful man. What's the story and why would a poem be a key to life and death?

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone writing a serious story. Please rate and comment.

Chapter 1

Vacation, January, 30th 2012

My grandfather's place was old and rackety. It was almost as old as America itself. I didn't want to stay her, but my parents thought my grandfather could use company. Though I knew it wasn't only my grandfather they were worried about. Let's just say, my grades wern't top notch and I was failing several classes. I've gotten detention 5 times this year for fighting. Though it wasn't my fault, I'm the victim.

My grandfather greeted us with a fake smile. He was a pitiful man full of melancholy. My mom said he was always like that, his wife died from turburculosis when she was little and had never been the same since.

"Take good care of Payton, Dad. Don't let him watch too much t.v., or stay up late. Make sure he brushes his teeth and...." My mom kept ordering.

"Shush it Lilly. I understand all that, I know how to raise a child. Go, on. I want to go sit down!" My grandfather cried.

Sour as a lemon he was. I didn't see how this was going to help either of us. He was cruel, mean and ruthless. I was miserable, angry and flunking out of school. Two failures in the same house is going to be the biggest failure.

My mom was dragged into the car by my father. "Have fun sweetie! Treat Grandad nice,ok ! EAT YOUR VEGGIES!" She hollered.

Man, she's embarassing. I was kind of glad when they were out of the view from the house. While they are going to Maui I'm here in sunny Kansas, with my grandfather who would most likely be dead now, sounds like this will be fun.

"So," I started asking my grandad, "Whatya want to do? A puzzle? Throw a baseball? Watch the old media box?"

My grandfather just walked into the house. I didn't want to be alone, so I followed. He was a curious old man. His house showed it. Boar heads on several walls. Pictures of when he was younger were on several different desks. One specific one caught my eye. It was him when he was younger, pushing a beautiful young lady on a tire swing, both of them smiling, looks like they were having fun. How could this glee-filled man be the very same man standing before me?

I quickly caught up to my grandfather, who was now happly reclined with a bottle of beer in his hand watching football on his old tv. It still had static visible. It was like those old tv's they had in the 80s.

"So, you wanna do something?" I asked him again. Maybe he forgot about my previous request.

"You wanna do something else but whine? Go clean out my attic, so much junk in there. Do it! I'll give you 20 big ones. Will you leave me alone then?" He told me.

Well 20 bucks was good money for me. Plus I didn't have to hear this old crank yell and demand me to go away. I could tell when I wasn't wanted.

The attic was a dark creepy place. Cobwebs and boxes were everywhere. There was a broken circular window in the far corner and the boards all around were broken. I didn't even know where to start. So I started with the boxes close to me.

The boxes were heavy! What was in them was anyones guess. I had been working for 20 minutes when the royal crank climbed up the ladder into the ladder. He handed me a cup of water and sat down on one of the boxes.

"Well, I am impressed boy. You did better than I thought, keep up the work! I'll supervise."

I learned at a young age that supervising was ridiculing someone as they did all the work for you, so I ignored him. I went toward the middle and angerly yanked a box of the middle, big mistake. Millions of boxes fell on top of me. Several boxes opened and glass and shards went everywhere. I could hear my grandfather laughing.

I didn't see what was so funny, I could've been killed. I hurried toward the wreckage and started picking up all the trash that had fallen over. While I was doing this, a piece of tattered, oily paper caught my eye. it was rolled up with a ribbon barely holding it together. Glass surronded the scroll. I walked over towards it and picked up the scroll. I rolled it down and read the ancient paper.

You've always been sweet to me
Never treated me wrong
I can't ever see a day without you
We've been together for so long

You hear what they say
I love it when you come by a stick up for me
we've been beating together, ridiculed too
Yet, the never will see the love we see

Though it's been aching me for ages
I can't stand it for any more
The constant anger and prejudice
I don't know what to live for

You'll always be in my heart
As long as my soul is with you
I'll never forget you Harry
No matter what happens through and through

Take care of Lilly
For she'll not know her mother
You can't stop me, I'll already be gone
I'm trading one hell for another

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