Perfect Disaster ~Original Story~

Not much to say here. Read the story and you'll find out.

Chapter 1


People who say that nothing is impossible obviously lived before high school was invented. Or founded, or created, or whatever. Because in my shoes, high school is one long, boring, dragging, mess, full of struggle and every, normal-life, torture. Case in point: the only people willing to be friends with me are girls that I HATE, and let’s just say that not many others like them either. Also, it seems to be a special joy for some certain boys to gloat over me.

First grade: Haha, your clothes are ugly!

Second grade: Ha, you still do things with your MOM?!

Third grade: Oh my gosh, you have a DISEASE? Better not go near you then! (I didn’t. It was strep throat)

Fourth grade: Haha, no one wants to be your friend!

Fifth grade: Why do you do everything ALONE? Oh right, because you have no friends! Right!

Sixth grade: You don’t even have a Wii? Or an Xbox?! Haha!

Seventh grade: She doesn’t have a phone! Or even an iPod! Or Facebook, either!

Haha, yes, Jake, hilarious. Oh, the joys of elementary school. Now that I’m in high school, I do have a phone, thank you very much. Though it’s not an iPhone or a Blackberry, because guess what, everyone? I’m not a spoiled brat like the rest of you! Who knew, right?

These were the thoughts running through my mind as I sat at the bus stop on the dreaded Monday morning. I was 8 weeks into high school, and hating it. My wishful thoughts had convinced me that maybe now, since there was going to be over 500 kids my age (not to mention the 1000ish other kids in different grades above me) maybe I could find some new friends that I actually liked, and maybe the jerks of elementary school like Jake, Caleb, Edward, and Colton would leave me ALONE. Heck, maybe I wouldn’t even see them at all! But no such miracle.

By the time I get to the torture chamber - or excuse me, school - I am completely convinced that I'll have a horrid day, as usual. I'll start out sitting at a table with my 'friends', but then I'll become so frustrated and annoyed and irritated and disappointed that I'll just LEAVE, and end up wandering the hallways for half an hour. If I'm lucky, I'll have my headphones with me. Sometimes, I just really need that musicial encouragement. It certainly helps, but not as much as I would wish it to. But I'm still here, aren't I? Yes, I am. I wish I wasn't, but here I am.

I drag my heels as I get off the bus, onto the sidewalk, and in through the side door. Walk past the popular girls. Watch Megan look at me, purse her lips, laugh. Walk on to my locker.

As the bell rings, I grab my French binder and jog up the stairs to my classroom on on the second floor. Upon sitting down at my desk, I see Caleb standing over me. Wow, he is cute. But he's also the most popular boy in my grade, and also the worst behaved, rudest, meanest, jerkiest, etc. He's been so horribly mean to me over the years, so much that no one other than Jake was worse.

In any case, back to the present moment. Caleb is standing over me. Then he speaks. "Hey, ummmm.. did you want to go out sometime?" I glance behind him and see Edward, Jake, and Colton laughing in the corner as they watch us. This is obviously some sort of dare, or a cruel joke.

"Nope," I say, and turn back to my phone, where I'm in the midst of writing another depressing poem on my 'notes' app. Caleb just stands there, even when I'm completely ignoring him. Finally, he says "Okay.." and returns to his idiot friends. My eyes sting after he leaves. I can hear them, see them, laughing over on the other side of the room. What an awful thing to do. What's the point? And the worst part is, they wouldn't dream of doing that, to, say, Megan, or Chloe. Just to me. Always me.

When the day is over, I collapse on my bed. I'm so sick of all of this. Why can't it all be over already?

And this has been.. me, here to report that high school, and all the people in it = a living hell on earth.

What do you all think? I’d be willing to write more chapters if anyone wants to read them.. so opinions please? Thanks! :)

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