It Doesn't Matter Who Is Good Or Bad Anymore (A Loki and Captain America Group Love Story)

By myself and AlicenPotter789. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Ariana Hope Ross

There I stood, on my private balcony thinking about how I ended up here, the mansion full of the best superheroes in the world. There was Captain America, the super soilder, Thor the God of Thunder, Hulk the mightiest hero there is, Tony and multimillionaire genius, and Hawkeye the best archer I know. Finally there is my best friend, you'll meet her later on though.

I'm Ariana Hope Ross, age 23. I am just trying to find my place in this world and where I belong. I really believe it's here in this mansion. I love everyone and they all accept my power of controlling the elements. Even when my rich daddy did not. He threw me out of the house so I could get help.

Yet he didn't know, one day I would help save the world. This is part of my story.


I walked back into my room and got dressed in a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt, pulling my hair into a high ponytail and pulling on sneakers. I bit my lip as I went to the training room to see everyone in different stations. Clint at the bows and arrow. Steve combatting. Bruce working in the lab. Tony working on mechanics and Thor working with targets and his hammer.

This was home. I looked around but didn't see her. I sighed as I walked over to Steve, hoping my best friend was just oversleeping and smiled at my crush/best male friend

"Hey Steve. Can I join you in combatting?"

He smiled, "hop right in Ariana"

I smiled as I tightened my ponytail again and we started training against each other. This is life.

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