You have got to be kidding me!(A 2011 One Direction Love Story)

New Niall starting on Ch. 7

Made by me: Rozalia

Made by Drvampiregirl: Jamie

Made by: vampireaddict

Chapter 1


One girl has it all in her family, a father with a high paying job, but still has time for his daughter, or so she thought. Her father isn't really her father. He abducted her when she was four. He spends time with her so he can get to know her fears, so he could use it against her. One day she has a project in history. She has to choose from real life crimes. She chooses kidnapping. Looking through pictures, she sees a little girl with auburn hair and sea green eyes just like her. Confused, she clicks on her picture. She sees her info. *Name: Rozalia Tomlinson *Abducted from home *Age last seen: Four *Mom: Joanna (Jay) Tomlinson *Biological Dad: Troy Tomlinson *Looks: Curly auburn hair, sea green eyes, has Have a rose like birthmark on left shoulder (A picture of her birthmark was shown) *If you find anything please contact Add number here or the police thank you.
As she reads the info fear and anger burns into her body as she realized her father abducted her. She takes the laptop and shows the info to her teacher; she then shows him her birthmark. Realization hits him and he sends her to the office to speak to a cop.
Now she lives with her older brother Louis with her name before she was abducted, Rozalia

My character
Name: Rozalia

Age: 16

Likes: Singing, writing poems, writing songs, reading, listening to music

Dislikes: Rap, stuck up people, war

Unique Fact: Have a rose like birthmark on left shoulder

Played by: Drvampiregirl
Name: Jamie Horan

Age: 17

Likes: reading, writing, drawing, Niall and the rest of the gang.

Dislikes: fighting, arguments, anger, fact that her name only known because of who her brother is

Unique fact: she has an amazing ability to calm even the maddest person down

Played by: vampireaddict
Name: Niall Horan

Age: 17



Unique Fact:

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