Mary's Song Oh My My My-A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

Louis and Kelly were best friends when they were little. They never thought when they were older, they were going to fall in love especially with each other! A Few years later they got married and had kids! See how they were when they were little all the way up to present time!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kelly's Pov

It was sunny out so I went outside and went out to my backyard and started giggling. I saw my best friend playing by himself and I smiled.

I said "Come play with me best friend!" My best friend looked up at me and walked over. I spun around and my short brown hair was whacking me in the face. I stopped and my best friend moved the hair out of my face.

"Kelly you just love jumping around." I smiled and looked at my best friend. He had brown hair like me and it was also short. He even had blue eyes just like me.

I said "You know I'm hyper Louis just like you".

Louis laughed and said "Yeah I know but I love you anyway". We hugged and I could hear our two loud dads saying

"Watch they will grow up and fall in love". They both laughed and our moms were smling but also rolling their eyes. Louis and I shrugged it off and continued to playing having an amazing time.

At that time I was 7 and Louis was 9 but I didn't care if he was two years older than me, he made me laughed and smile ever single day of my life!

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