Eternal Spring (Rise of the Guardian Fan Fiction)

Meet April the Spirit of Spring, Bunnymund has been watching over her in secret for over 300 years, crushing on her from a distance. One day Jack finds out Bunny's secret and seeks out his polar opposite only to find her in trouble... What does Pitch want with her? Who was she before she became April? And who will she choose? Warm Bunny or Cool Jack Frost?

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Chapter 1


Hello everyone yes, I've got another story to tell haha! I watched Rise of the Guardians, fell in love with it and had to write a story. There is going to be more than one story and yes this is a OC/main character story but this one, you an decide what happens!!! Yes that's right, you can change the fate of this story to either be a lovey dovey story filled with rainbows and butterflies or it could be a sad epic love story that ends tragically like Romeo and Juliet. I know the "Spirit of Spring" Has been done before but give mine a shot, you may find this one to be different from the rest.

WARNING! May contain violence, un-consensual xxx, death and explicit scenes.

Enjoy my ankle-biters!/

Even nearly year after their fight against Pitch, Jack Frost still loved to get on Bunnymund's nerves. Today was certainly no different. The Frosty Spirit crept into the rabbit's warren and glanced around for the big bunny himself. Easter was fast approaching which means Bunnymund would get getting prepared for the big night where he hid millions of eggs for the children of the world to find them. This year, he had to try even harder than before, after the last Easter the children were not really sure if the Easter bunny still existed or had even existed at all. If Jamie had of stopped believing, Bunny would have ceased to exist and Easter would have become a distant memory.

A flicker of guilt ran through his body but he ignored it, it was part of his nature to pull pranks and to butt heads with the Australian Bunny and no way was the minor set back last year going to stopping him in doing so. Millions of tiny eggs white and coloured alike ran across the beautiful fields to their hiding spots... none of them liked Jack, not a single one. 'Must be from freezing them half a dozen times' Jack smirked at the memories of causing havoc for the Easter Bunny.

No one reacted as much as he did. And whenever Jack froze his tiny minions, the Pooka would let out a long string of swear words mixed with Aussie sayings as he rushed to defrost his little googies. North thought it to be good fun and practically encouraged the young guardian to be mischievous, Tooth was always too busy for Jack to prank and Sandy always had a counter trick up his sleeve when it came to Jack. Bunny was the one who got agitated by Jack's frosty antics and kept the young guardian on his toes.

Speaking of the bunny, Bunnymund was sitting at a makeshift stone desk, with his furry head resting on top of stacks of paper and a paintbrush in his right paw.
He had been up for the past six nights fretting over his new designs and how the children would react to the Easter bunny failing them once and suddenly turning up and trying to make up for last year. Jack flew back into a tree, out of reach of the big Pooka and with a mischievous grin and a spark of adventure in his eyes, slowly dropped the temperature of the Warren. Bunny began to twitch and curled up tighter instinctively.

Jack's patience grew thin, he had traveled far to annoy his furry co-worker. Suddenly the entire field was covered with snow, the running rivers froze over and the Easter Bunny jerked out of dream land and pulled out his boomerangs out, ready to fight.

"Whatzgoinon?" He slurred sleepily as he tried to wake up completely. He heard a snicker and quickly threw one of his prized boomerangs in Jack's direction with deadly precision. Jack narrowly jumped out of the way laughing at the clearly frustrated Pooka. "Damnit Frostbite!" He shouted out at the white haired menace who was rolling around on the snow, holding his sides as he tried to control his breathing.

Bunnymund's lime-green eyes narrowed at the younger guardian and snarled as he bounded towards laughing Jack. Anticipating the attack, Jack flew up into the air at the last second causing Bunny to crash face first into the freshly made snow.

Jack doubled over mid air in laughter. "Oh Kangaroo, you are just too much fun."

Bunnymund pulled his head out, rolled over and sat up, glaring at the younger guardian. "For the last time I'm a bunny!" He growled as he dusted the cold snow off his furry chest and shivered. 'Bloody warren freezing Drongo' Jack hovered over Bunny's desk that was covered in snow. Bunnymund looked up at Jack and then the desk and his facial expression turned from angry to fear instantly and his eyes widened "What did ya do ya mongrel?!?" He shouted, jumping up and bolting to the desk.

He roughly swept the snow off the papers but it was too late, most of the paintings were wet and a few had already been covered in water marks and the paint began to run down the papers.

"Who is she?" Jack whispered as he picked up a painting of a beautiful woman underneath the designs Bunnymund was trying to save. Her hair was wavy and a rich brown with little white flowers weaved through her locks with small pointed ears poking through and a headband like crown made of what looked like golden Ivy vines, her facial features were well defined and seemed perfect, her eyes were a brilliant shade of dark green and framed by dark long lashes. The woman was smiling softly and looking up with her big eyes and her lips were slightly parted. She looked so innocent and so beautiful and Jack felt instantly drawn to her... he knew her from somewhere.

Bunnymund's ears flattened against his head as he looked away from Jack and down at the painting.

"Never mind mate, it's not your business so getcha nose out of it." He said aggressively as he grabbed the painting off Jack.

Jack raised an eye brow as Bunny tried to get as much snow and water off it as he could without ruining the artwork. "Come on Kangaroo, she isn't human as far as I can tell, with the pointy ears and what not... What is she an Elf?"

Bunnymund smirked as he looked at the picture. "No, she's... another spirit. A shelia named April, she can conjure flora and can control the weather-"

"Like me but-"

"No!" Bunny snapped. His face softened "She's warm... she's the one that creates the warm summer's breeze, those pretty little Easter Lilies she always makes just before..." Bunny shook his head and turned towards his burrow. "She is nothin' like you mate... Now bugger off before I get Sandy to knock you out to next week."

Jack glared at the grey and blue back of the Pooka and flew off agitated and extremely curious. The picture of April was taunting him, whispering to him. 'She's nothin' like you mate' Bunnymund's voice echoed. 'Who is she?' Jack asked himself. He knew her, he could feel it in his gut. But from where? He would not forget meeting someone that gorgeous. But then again, he forgot about his little sister and his shinning moment that earned him his title of a Guardian. Jack's curiosity took over and he began flying to England where he knew Spring had begun and prayed to the man in the moon that he would find her.

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