We are alone


Chapter 1


I've heard people say that when you feel lost or afraid, look around you and you'll see that you aren't alone, that you are loved by many. But they never talk about what happens when all the people that love you are gone. What happens then? Are you still alone? am I still alone? It's times like these that you find out who you can really trust, no one. Just when I think I'm almost happy, that I've forgotten anything and everything about the past, my world falls to pieces. I watch myself break, shatter, and die. I feel hollow, and I'm terrified of my mind, which keeps telling me to do awful things. I don't want to listen to it, but now that I feel hopeless, I'm forgetting my dreams as I watch myself walk down the path of destruction. Yet no one is there to shed a tear and i listen to the voice as I walk the path that only goes in direction, the path that leads me to my death. Don't tell me that I'm not alone, don't tell me that I'm loved, because I know that I'm not. Here I am, slowly and painfully dying, yet no one is here to save me.
This is the end
No one cares, no one cries
They all watched me shatter
Now they laugh as I die


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