My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

Name: Dani Taylor
Characteristics: 20, 5'9", Dark Blue eyes, Silver hair
Background: Was a police officer in Mystic Falls, but quit once all the vampire business started happening. Is immune to compulsion, so she knows all about the vampires and werewolves.

PS: Since this is a new story, I will continue to update it, but my other stories are still on hold.

Chapter 3

Taken Prisoner

I took Klaus' cell phone from the beside table and scrolled through his contacts until I found Stefan. I hit talk and heard it ring, but he didn't answer right away. When he did, he spat out "Klaus! What did you do with Dani?!"

"Stefan! I'm here, I'm using Klaus' phone..." He gasped. "Klaus is sleeping."

"Where are you?!"

"I don't know...I can't see anything but trees from the window, and he won't let me out of the bedroom."

"Bedroom..? Dani, what did he do to you?!"

I held the phone away from my ear. "Don't worry, he didn't do...that. He's asleep on the bed right now, so I took his phone...Please come find me! Klaus has been feeding on me, and he says I'm not allowed to leave the house, and that I'll have to stay here until he finds out what I am...He says he'll turn me into a vampire if I leave the house!"

"Don't worry Dani, we'll find you before that happens...Klaus has a house for him and his sister on the other side of town, that might be where he's taken you...Look, in the morning I'll call him here for something, and I'll have Damon go to the house to see if you're there. Think you can hang on that long?"

"I think so...Please make this work." I hung up and put the phone back, and looked over at Klaus.

I fell back on my butt when I saw his turquoise-blue eyes staring over at me, and skittered back several feet. We stared at each other for several moments until Klaus sat up, his light-brown hair in a mess, and reached for his phone.

"It's 3 in the morning, and you stole my phone to call Stefan...Not a good idea."

Klaus used his super speed to snatch me up and throw me down on the bed, and hold my hands above my head. His body weight was settled on mine, and I couldn't even try to struggle or roll away.

"When I said you were confined to this house and this room, that includes phone calls. I wonder what type of punishment I should give you for your infraction..."

"How about nothing?" I whipped my head to the side to see the bedroom door open, and a man standing in the doorway. It took me a moment to realize it was Elijah. "I haven't been gone very long, and you've already managed to take this woman prisoner. I'm beginning to think you won't survive long without me keeping a close watch on you."

"Would you mind, brother? I was just having a bit of fun with my guest." Elijah kept his stern gaze directed at Klaus, who finally sighed and got off of me. I rolled myself off the bed and scurried across the room to Elijah, who looked me up and down. "Look at her, you won't find a single mark."

"I am not ignorant brother, I know she heals all physical wounds. Dani, has my brother done anything to you?"

In the nastiest, most sarcastic voice I could muster, I spat "No, he just took me prisoner and has been feeding on me til the point where I almost pass out."

"Niklaus..." Klaus chuckled.

"Come on brother, there's no need to get fussy. Dani heals as we do, so there is no danger in what I'm doing. Besides, until we find out what she is, I thought it best to keep her safe where no others could reach her."

"Safe would be as far as she could get from you. Dani." I looked up at Elijah's face. "I agree with my brother in saying that you should remain here..." My eyes widened. "But I will show you to a separate room. I will retrieve your weapons for you also, so you may protect yourself if I am not here."

"Thank you...At least someone knows how to treat a woman." Klaus just laughed again and laid back on his bed, and I stomped out of the room.

After showing me to another elaborately decorated bedroom, Elijah said "This was to be my room, but as I have no intention of enjoying the human luxury of sleep, you may rest here."

"I want to return to my apartment tomorrow. The lease should've gone through, so it will prevent any vampire from entering, right? Even ones that were invited by Alaric?" He nodded. "Good..."

He left the room and shut the door, but barely a moment later I could hear him and Klaus arguing in the other bedroom. I went to the bed and laid down, praying that Klaus wouldn't come into the room while I was asleep.


"Stefan!" I went and hugged him and he chuckled, and we hurriedly got into his Porsche. We drove away from Klaus' home and I said "Did Elijah call you?"

"Right before Damon and I were about to burst in with stakes in hand, yes. Did Klaus or Elijah hurt you in any way?"

"Elijah didn't...He actually stopped Klaus from feeding on me some more." I didn't want to tell him about the other thing, about my fear of what Klaus was about to do on his bed. I shuddered at the memory. "And he gave me my gun and stuff back from where Klaus hid them."

"Elijah helping you...He must want to know what you are as bad as the rest of us do." I shrugged. "Come on, I'll take you to my house so I can get you something to eat. Damon's not there right now, don't worry."

"Don't you have school today?"

"It's Saturday."

Oh. I felt really dumb.

"Can you call your witch friend Bonnie and tell her to meet us there? I just want to get this mess done and over with." He nodded.

It didn't take us long to get there, and as promised, Damon wasn't home. I noticed Elena wasn't there either.

We went in and to the kitchen, and Stefan started preparing me some kind of dish I didn't recognize, and I heard a car approach out front.

I went to answer it and saw that it was Bonnie, Stefan's witch friend.

"You're Dani, right?" I nodded. "Would you mind talking out here?"

"Okay..." I stepped outside and shut the big door behind me. "Why?"

"I didn't tell Stefan this...but I don't know if I can help you find out what you are."

"What? Why?" She sighed heavily.

"I haven't been completely in control of my magic lately, and to be honest, I don't know if I could help anyway. About the best I could do would be to contact your parents or someone else in your family that's passed on, or try to contact some other dead witched for help..."

"My parents aren't dead...Did Stefan tell you that?" She nodded. "My dad has been living in Suffolk since I started college here at 17, and my mom...I never knew her, and he never told me anything about her. I don't know if she's dead, alive, vampire, werewolf, witch, ghost, or whatever the heII else is out there."

"I could try to contact her spirit, to at least find out if she's alive or not. If you want."

I shook my head. "I'd rather not. She hasn't ever been a part of my life before, so I'd rather she stay out of it. Sorry for making you come all this way for nothing."

"It's alright. Matt and Jeremy wanted me to come anyways, to make sure you were alright. I told them I was coming and they wouldn't stop bugging me." We both laughed. "See ya."

"Bye." I went back inside and closed the door and Stefan came out of the kitchen.

"That was Bonnie? Why didn't you let her in?"

"She said she couldn't help me." He looked bewildered. "None of my father's family knows anything, and I won't have anything to do with my mother, whether she's alive or dead. Thanks for spreading the rumor that my parents were dead, by the way."

"I'm sorry Dani...You never told me about them, so I had to tell her something. But why won't you try your mother?"

I scoffed. "You're rather deaf for a vampire. Like I told Bonnie, I never knew my mom or what she might've been, or even what her name is. My father refused to tell me anything about her. Even so, she never came back for me, so I'd rather not go looking for her." I sighed. "You know what, I'm not really hungry...I just want to get back to my apartment."

"I'll get my keys." I shook my head.

"I'll walk. I don't really want to be near anyone right now..."

"But it's three miles to your apartment. What if someone tries to attack you?" I shrugged.

"Normal vampire I can handle well enough on my own. If Klaus attacks...I'll pray he doesn't kill me while his blood is still in my system." I turned for the door, but paused and said "And don't follow me, or send anyone else to follow me."

I went out and hurried away from the big house, shielding my eyes from the bright morning sun. I knew it would be a long, exhausting walk, but I didn't want to be near any more vampires longer than I needed to. Either they wanted to drink from me like Klaus, or find out what I was and probably kill me like all the other vampires I'd met so far.

The long road through the woods made me feel uneasy, even now during the daytime. Probably because there were no cars and no other people on it, on a Saturday morning at that. In town, I knew people would be running around or out enjoying themselves, and I stepped up my pace.

After awhile, I didn't know exactly how long, I walked over the old wooden bridge that spanned the small river outside the edge of town, and a familiar wispy voice drifted to my ears.

"Really?! You have to start with the haunting when I'm out here in the middle of the woods like this?!" The wispy voice echoed again, and I cursed to myself. "Okay, I'm guessing this is Alaric trying dismally to contact me, and only succeeding in creeping me out? It might help if you talk in normal tones instead of whispering in my ear like some creepy stalker."

There was a chuckle and a clear voice said "I only sounded like that because you were ignoring me. If you want to hear me, I'll sound clear, like this."

"Oh, goodie..." I looked around but saw no signs of his ghostly form. "Can I see the person that's been whispering creepily into my ear for the last day and a half?"

From the corner of my eye, I saw the air beside me become disturbed, and the shape of a man slowly took shape. His form slowly darkened and solidified until I was face-to-face with the man whose picture Stefan had showed me the first time we talked.

He was about 6ft tall, with brown hair and blue eyes, and looked at me oddly.


"You're the first person since I've died that's been able to see me, and I never even knew you when I was alive. It's just nice for someone to be able to hear me again."

"You haven't been dead that long. Imagine if you'd been gone for years."

"I'd probably go insane." I turned and started walking towards town again, and he floated right along beside me. "When you came to town and moved into my apartment, I talked to some people on this side to try to figure out who you were."

"You could've just followed your best friend Damon around, he's been snooping up on my family since I got back here."

"I did, but I mean about what you were. I heard some things..." I stopped.

"Why didn't you just say that right away? I've been wondering about it ever since that idiot of an Original decided to take a chunk out of my arm."

"You can heal instantly and are stronger than a normal human. What does that sound like to you?"

"A vampire, but I don't get burned by the sun and I don't drink blood."

"You drank Klaus' blood. Made you feel stronger, didn't it?" I stared at Alaric's ghost crossly, trying to make out what he was saying. "You don't get burned by the sun because you're not a complete vampire."

"What?" I was dumbfounded. "The only time I've heard of a vampire not being burned is when they're in transition, but I would've died by now if that was true..."

"It's because you're only half-vampire." I stopped walking as I nearly ran into a small tree. I stared at Alaric until I the shining sun forced me to turn away and rub my eyes. "I know it's hard to believe..."

"Because it's impossible! Vampires can't reproduce! I know personally of a few vampires that enjoy frequent sleepovers with humans, but none of them have half-human babies!" Alaric shrugged."Don't shrug at me! Explain!"

"Let's keep walking. I don't know for sure, but someone is probably watching you." I started pacing down the road again. "You said your family was here before you moved, so it didn't take me long to find one of them. It was your aunt I think. She told me that her sister got turned into a vampire right before she went into labor with you, and that she had you while she was in transition. After you were born, your mom fed on her sister to complete the change...and I guess she left after that."

"It still doesn't make any sense...If she got turned while she was pregnant with me, I should've died. Even if she had me while she was in transition, I should've turned into a full vampire."

"I can't explain it, that's just what I was told. But it's the most plausible and probably the only explanation for how you are. Am I right?"

I begrudgingly nodded. I was thinking it was something to do with a vampire, but me being a half vampire? /No way!/

"Nobody is going to believe this without any proof. How am I even supposed to believe this without any proof?"

"Find your mom, I guess. She did deliver you at the hospital, so there'll be a record of her name and information. All you have to do is look for it."

My hurried pace slowed to an amble. I was barely processing any of this information, and I barely noticed the blue Camaro that slowed and pulled up beside me on the dusty road.

"Get in the car Dani." I looked inside and saw Damon, and got in without a word. With what Alaric's ghost had just told me, I wasn't in a mood to argue. Even with Damon. "Stefan called and said you walked out. Why would you do something so stupid like that? What if Klaus or another one of those Originals attacks you before we..."

"I already know what I am."

Damon was silent for a moment. "I knew you were holding something back from us."

"Someone just told me." He raised an eyebrow. "Your friend Alaric told me." He pressed on the brake and the car screeched to a halt.

"Ric couldn't have told you anything, he's dead..."

"It was his ghost. I saw him." Damon reached over with lightning speed and his hand closed around my neck. "Stop choking me..! I'm not lying!"

"He's been dead for weeks and he didn't even know you when he was alive. How could he have told you what you are?!"

"I don't know, ask him!" I looked into the backseat and saw Alaric's ghost sitting there. "He's right in the backseat!"

"You're lying." I took as deep of a breath as I could get.

"I'll prove it!" I stared pleadingly at Alaric until he told me something, and my eyes widened at it. I definitely wouldn't have expected it to be true, but I repeated it to Damon anyway. "When Alaric was dying as a human, you and him shared a bottle of bourbon in a mausoleum at the cemetery, and you both cried."

Damon froze and slowly removed his hand from my neck.

"And you also visited his grave after he died and cried then too. He was sitting right beside you when that happened."

It was several moments before Damon let off the brakes and the car started to move again. "So maybe you aren't lying about seeing ghosts...I guess it's good you've already made friends with Jeremy Gilbert. That little twerp sees dead people too."

"Just...shut up and take me to my apartment. Please. I need time to be alone and...try to make sense of this...I honestly don't know what to do. He told me I was a half-vampire, but that's impossible, right?"

"Haven't seen an undead kid yet."

"Exactly! How can we even find out if it's right?"

"Do what normal vampires do." I looked at Damon questioningly. "You see if drinking vervain will weaken you, and you try to drink someone's blood."

I pulled back, horrified. "I can't drink someone's blood! That's...disgusting!"

"Look, do you want to find out for sure or not? If you don't think you can handle drinking a human's blood, then drink a vampire's. If my dead buddy is right, you'll probably get stronger after you do."

"Well, then you'd better find a vampire for me to drink from, because it sure as heII isn't gonna be you." Damon frowned. "You tried to kill me, so I'm not taking any chances."

"Whatever...Let's just find someone and get this over with."

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