My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

Name: Dani Taylor
Characteristics: 20, 5'9", Dark Blue eyes, Silver hair
Background: Was a police officer in Mystic Falls, but quit once all the vampire business started happening. Is immune to compulsion, so she knows all about the vampires and werewolves.

PS: Since this is a new story, I will continue to update it, but my other stories are still on hold.

Chapter 2

A New Dilemma

"We're gonna have someone keeping an eye on you until we can...figure this situation out. Are you sure you'll be alright staying here by yourself?"

"Of course I will, I'm not completely helpless...How are you supposed to find out about this if I didn't even know about it?" Stefan sighed and sat beside me. We were in my bedroom sitting on my bed, and his brother Damon was out in the front room.

"Well, we'll check your family first, to see if there's been any werewolves in your family that you don't know about. If we don't find anything there, we have a witch friend we can talk to that might be able to help...If you're willing to talk to her, of course." I nodded.

"I don't have anything against witches...But since I was a cop here for awhile back when Damon first came to town, I won't say I have the same attitude about you vampires." There was a grumble from the other room and I couldn't help but grin. "Who're you going to have watch me?"

"Well, we'll probably pass by to make sure you're alright, or if you have a job here in town we can come in there..."

"I don't have a job...Nobody wants to hire me because I look like an out-of-towner. Guess that's what I get for leaving for so long." Stefan chuckled.

"Well, if you really can't find anything, I Only with your permission, of course." I eyeballed him.

"Getting help from a vampire...I never thought it'd happen. But, if you're in the mood to help me, can you make sure your older brother doesn't keep knocking on my door? It's enough that I have to worry about all the other vampires too."

Damon grumbled in the other room.

"I'll see what I can do. In the meantime, keep everything locked up, and if you have vervain, use it. We don't need you getting attacked before we have the chance to sort this out."

"I'll keep that in mind." He got up and left with his brother, and I fell back on the bed with a groan.

I was in town for a day and I was already in league with the vampires; and here I thought I was different than the rest of the people here.

I looked up at the closet, which I had yet to fix, and at the weapons in the hidden panel. I got up and knelt in the small closet and looked through the bag again.

There were a few clips of wooden bullets and vials of vervain, both with little flowers and in liquid form. I took both and switched the wooden bullets out with the ones in my gun, and slipped the vials into my pocket. I doubted I'd need them, but in this town, I wasn't going to take any chances.

I decided to look around the apartment some more, particularly in the kitchen. As I expected, there was no food or drinks, but in the bottom of one of the cabinets I found a bottle of Bourbon and laughed.

I didn't even need to go to the bar, and I could've avoided meeting Damon or Klaus.

"Well played Alaric...Too bad I didn't know you while you were alive." I took the bottle with me back into the bedroom and plopped back down on the mattress. "Now all we need is a TV and basic cable, and this apartment should be perfectly habitable. What d'you say?"

There was a slight breeze and I heard the whisper of a man, and I froze immediately.

"Shît. I did not just hear that..." It sounded again and I almost shrieked. "What the heII..? I am not hearing a ghost right now." One more whispering breeze sounded and I jumped up. "That's it, I'm leaving."

I slipped my gun into the back of my pants and grabbed my jacket and left immediately. It was extremely bright outside so I slipped on my sunglasses, then checked my phone.

8:30am?! I groaned; I didn't like to be up this early. Stefan must've come to see me right before he had to go to school...And that meant anyone else I would've liked to talk to was probably at the school too.

I groaned and turned towards the high school. Maybe I could go visit some of my old teachers or something...

"I sound like such a dweeb...And look like one, since I don't even have a car to drive around in..." I realized I was talking out loud again and cursed. I had to stop doing that...


With a huff and a groan, I pushed open the doors of Mystic Falls High and made my way to the office. The secretary was the same one that'd been there when I was there, and she seemed to recognize me.

"Officer Dani Taylor? Well, we haven't seen you here in quite some time." I smiled nervously.

"Well, I'm not an officer of the peace anymore...just trying to enjoy that peace for myself right now. I was wondering if I could get in to visit some old teachers?"

"Of course!" She pulled a visitors pass out from a drawer and scribbled my name on it, and handed it to me. "Just bring that back when you leave, alright?"

"Okay." I left the office and slipped the pass in my pocket, and made my way through the school. It was almost 9:00, so classes would be letting out any second.

As I walked down the Social Studies wing, the bell rang and the hall began to flood with students, and I nearly pressed myself against the lockers to avoid the rush. I slipped into what I thought was an empty classroom, but saw a familiar face at one of the desks in the back.

"Stefan?" He looked up and his eyes went wide with surprise.

"Dani?" I went and sat at the desk beside him. "What are you doing here?"

"I didn't really know what to do with myself today, so I just figured I'd come here."

"Did you walk?" I nodded and he scoffed. "You know, it's 3 miles from your apartment to here."

"I jogged. I just didn't feel right being in the apartment by myself, with what you told me and..." I wondered if I should tell him about the noises I heard. "And I think there was a ghost there."

I thought Stefan would laugh, but he didn't. Instead, his green eyes became intense. "Since Alaric just died a while ago, that might've been his ghost you were hearing. I'd say it's very rare for someone to be able to see or hear ghosts, but your situation...All I can say is don't tell Damon about this."

"Why? Because he was friends with Alaric?"

"Yeah...Damon has been really messed up since Ric died, even more than usual, so something like this might...stir him up. Did you lock everything up before you left?" I nodded.

"I also brought some vervain with me, and I loaded my gun with some wooden bullets I found. So if your brother or that Klaus tries anything again, I'll be ready." Stefan smiled crookedly. "Isn't there supposed to be a class in here?"

"They're coming. Elena and Bonnie will be in here too. Bonnie is the witch I mentioned that might be able to help you..." I nodded as other students started to come in.

"Since Alaric is gone, who's the new teacher?"

"Don't know."

I moved to a seat at the teacher's desk, and some of the students coming in stared at me. When Elena came in, she stopped and came over to me and whispered "Are you okay?"

I nodded. "Stefan is trying to get me some help to find out what I am...and I have some weapons with me in case Klaus tries to be funny again."

"That's good to hear." She went and sat in the seat I had just vacated, and the teacher followed in after. I stared blankly at the man; I didn't recognize him, but I had a vague knowledge that I knew him from somewhere.

"Class, you may call me Mr. Mikaelson...I'm here to replace the recently departed Mr. Saltzman. Would one of you students like to take attendance for me whilst I learn everyone's names?" He turned to look at me and I knew instantly who he was.

Or, at least, who he was related to. He had to be Klaus' brother or something, because they had the same last name, and they looked vaguely alike. This one was tall with short brown hair and eyes, and he looked more sophisticated than Klaus did.

I looked over at Stefan and Elena, and by the absolutely shocked looks on their faces, I knew I was right in my assumption.

The man came and sat in the teachers chair beside me and said "You must be Dani Taylor...News has spread quite fast about you. I'm surprised to see the news of your appearance wasn't a lie." I sneered as I ran a hand through my silver hair. "I am Elijah."

The name struck a chord with some of the things Stefan had told me.

"You're Klaus' brother, right?" He nodded. "You looked a bit familiar...I thought you'd left town?"

"I've come back because of some recent...discrepancies. It seems I couldn't have chose a better time to return." I raised an eyebrow. "I am interested in any species that has ties with us vampires, and you being immune to compulsion makes me believe you have a history with us."

"How do you know I wasn't on vervain?"

"Because Niklaus would not have been able to taste your blood if that were true." I frowned; I didn't think he'd have gotten all the details so soon. "If you are no danger to us, then I shall leave you in peace. But if what you are becomes a danger to vampires, you will be dealt with. Immediately."

"I have no issues with that...But let me tell you that if you become a problem with me, I'll be the one dealing with you."

Elijah nodded and turned from me to face the class again.


I walked into the school cafeteria and saw Stefan and Elena at a table with some others, but having been stuck in several classes while they eyed each other disapprovingly, I wanted to go outside.

Several students were eating outside despite the breeze that blew, and it reminded me of the whispering ghost voice in my apartment this morning. I shivered, not from the cold, and made my way across the school lawn.

"Hey!" I stopped and looked to see Matt and an unfamiliar face coming up to me. "Dani, right?"

"Yup. Matt and..."

The other kid spoke up. "Jeremy. I think you met my sister Elena earlier..." I nodded.

"What're you two doing out here? Shouldn't you be inside eating or going to class?" They both shrugged. "I just came to see everyone this morning, but I'm probably gonna go into town to grab lunch. Wanna come?"


"Good...because I need a ride." They laughed and we headed towards the parking lot. As we reached a dark truck and I got in between Matt and Jeremy, I asked "Jeremy, d'you mind if I ask a weird question?"

"Uh...go ahead."

"You're a vampire hunter, right?" He looked at me oddly. "Stefan told me. you get any kind of weird vampire...thing near me?"

"Not that I can tell...Why?"

"Didn't your sister tell you?" He shook his head. "Well...yesterday I went to the Salvatore house and Klaus was there and he injured me, but the wound healed almost instantly...But I'm not a vampire or a werewolf, so I don't know what's going on!"

"Well...there's so many things running around here now, anything is a possibility. You really don't know why you healed?" I shook my head.

Matt said "Do you have any way of finding out?"

"Stefan said he would ask Bonnie for help...She's another one of your friends, right?" They both nodded. "Oh! Go right here."

Matt pulled up in front of a pizza place and we all got out.

"Sorry, I just don't wanna have to eat Grill food right now..."

"Well, we both work there, so we can't argue." We went in to the nearly-empty shop and the two guys sat down.

"What d'you want?"

Jeremy said "A medium pepperoni and extra cheese pizza." Matt said "The same, but with sausage and ham."

"Can you two possibly eat any more?" They laughed as I went up to the counter and ordered the pizza, and some waffle fries on the side for me. As I waited for the food I went back to the bathroom to wash my hands.

I discovered there wasn't any soap and grumbled, and turned to leave bout found my way blocked. The door of the bathroom was stuck, and I shoved it hard, but it just rattled and stayed stuck.


I raised my foot to kick it when I heard a low chuckle and spun. "Why so angry, love? Now we finally have some alone time."

"Klaus?!" I nearly screamed, but he sped to me and clamped his hand over my mouth. I bit harshly into his palm, hard enough to draw blood, but he just chuckled.

"You've got a fierce bite for a near-human. But now you've tasted my blood and I can just snap your neck and turn into a vampire." I froze. "That's a good girl."

He released me and I spat out "What are you doing here?!"

"Why, I'm here to see you of course. I was informed by someone...reliable that you'd come here. You were warned that you would be watched."

"Yes, but I didn't think you'd compel the manager to call you if I walked in the door. Did you do that to every other shop owner in town as well?"

"Perhaps I did. You can't seriously expect one of us to be watching you every second of the day, now can you?"

"I never asked for you to watch me!" He advanced and I stepped back against the door. "If you people would just leave me in peace, then you wouldn't have to worry about compelling everyone in town to keep track of me..."

"Until we find out the precious secret of your blood, we do in fact have to keep tabs on you."

"You don't have to compel people to do it!" Klaus' face darkened. "Don't you look at me like that..."

His hands appeared on either side of my head and I yelped, but he clamped his hand over my mouth again. His eyes turned werewolf yellow and his fangs protruded from his mouth, and me took one of my wrists and held it to his face.

"I only got a small hint of what your blood is like...Let's see how it fares when I have a full taste of it." He sunk his teeth into my wrist and I tried to scream, but he clamped my mouth shut again with his super strong grip.

I pushed hard against him, summoning all my strength, but he barely moved a few inches before the blood loss started to make me dizzy and weak. I slumped against Klaus and he finally released me, my blood dripping from his mouth onto both our clothes.

"That...was simply wonderful. I think I'll definitely be keeping you close to me. I won't have anyone else drinking your blood."

There was a knock at the door and I heard Matt say "You in there Dani?"

"Yeah, I'm just...fixing my hair." I heard him laugh. "Go eat, I'll be right out."

I heard Matt shuffle away and Klaus chuckled. "That human is smitten with you, yet you turned him away. How interesting."

"If I opened the door, you would've killed him...I said I didn't want you to hurt anyone."

"Then I suggest you accompany me somewhere away from your little human and hunter friends. They'll come looking for you, but for now, I'd like you for myself. How 'bout it love?" I grimaced.

"Fine, just...don't hurt them."

Klaus hugged me to his warm body and said "You better hold on tight, or I might drop you on the way." I wrapped my arms around him tightly and felt the wind suddenly whooshing around us, and we sped away from the pizza shop.


I looked around the lavishly decorated room I was in, wondering where exactly Klaus had brought me. The room had a bed with silk covers, a couch with elaborately carved trim, and dressers and a closet that looked fit for royalty. The attached bathroom was just as grand, from what I could see from my place on the bed. Klaus had tied my arms and legs as soon as we'd gotten here, and I didn't even know how long ago it was.

The bedroom door opened and Klaus entered, almost giggling when I glared up at him.

"You look rather helpless in that position...I must thank whomever left those ropes in the cellar." He came and sat beside me, and I tried feebly to scoot away.

I ended up falling over on my stomach and I couldn't get back up, because my hands were tied behind my back. He just laughed some more.

"Klaus, you said I had to come here so you wouldn't hurt Matt and Jeremy, but you never said I had to be tied up."

"That is true...But this is purely for my own enjoyment. You displayed an amazing amount of strength in that bathroom, and I wanted to see if you'd be able to break these bonds. It seems not."

"Strength..? What are you talking about?"

He grabbed my wrists and I twisted violently, but he grip didn't loosen.

"I am a thousand year old hybrid and you managed to push me away in that bathroom, despite the fact that you're supposed to be human. Most vampires would not be able to do that, so it left me curious...That, and the wondrous taste of your blood." I fought the urge to gag.

"Please stop talking about me like that...I'm not some special being and I'm not your personal blood bag."

"Not yet. But now that I have you locked in my bedroom, I think that will change quite quickly."

His bedroom?! I tried to roll myself again, but Klaus pulled me into his lap and jerked my head to the side. I inhaled a deep breath and prepared myself for his savage bite, but all I felt was the soft touch of his lips.

My eyes snapped open in shock and I shrieked "What are you doing?!"

"I've already fed on you once today; I wouldn't want you to pass out from blood loss. You have extraordinary healing, but it's better to be safe." Klaus reached between us and undid the rope around my hands, then sat us up so he could untie my feet as well. "There you go, all better."

I didn't comment on the fact that he still held me in his lap, with my head still jerked to the side. I was too afraid that he would hurt me again to say anything.

"You're much more docile than I would have thought you'd be. It does take away from the fun factor of keeping you prisoner."

"Maybe I've just realized that you might kill me if I try to escape."

"Yes, I'd have to say I probably would." Klaus pushed me off of his lap and stood. "You'll be confined to my bedroom until you earn the privilege to travel through the house. But, if you attempt to leave the house without my permission, there will be severe consequences."

"Like what?"

"Well, my blood is still in your system...I could always turn you into a vampire as punishment." I guess Klaus must've been able to read the fear on my face, because he laughed. Sarcastically, he said "I hope you enjoy your stay here."

"I hope you get staked." His face darkened and before I could let out a scream, he was on me digging his teeth into my neck.

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