My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

My Heart(ache) And Yours (A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story)

Name: Dani Taylor
Characteristics: 20, 5'9", Dark Blue eyes, Silver hair
Background: Was a police officer in Mystic Falls, but quit once all the vampire business started happening. Is immune to compulsion, so she knows all about the vampires and werewolves.

PS: Since this is a new story, I will continue to update it, but my other stories are still on hold.

Chapter 19

Second Chance

I stirred, the distant sound of ringing pulling me from my deep sleep. Sleep!?

I shot straight up in bed, looking around in bewilderment. How could Klaus have let me go to sleep?! When did I even fall asleep..?

I spotted Klaus sitting on the trunk at the end of the large bed and nearly shouted "How could you let me fall asleep?"

"Relax, you didn't try to kill me or anyone else this time. I think we can safely assume your murderous other personality is gone."

"Maybe...What was that ringing?" Klaus chuckled. "What?"

"That was your phone. A certain Bonnie Bennett has been trying to call you for some time. I thought it rude for me to answer for you." I scowled at Klaus and he chuckled again.

I grabbed my phone from the bedside table just as it started ringing again, and Bonnie shouted "Where have you been?!"


"No, where have you been? My mother got here late yesterday and we showed up at Klaus' mansion...and neither of you were there! Where'd you go?"

"Oh, that..." I saw Klaus grinning and made a rude gesture with my hand, and he crawled up onto the bed. Oh no. "We had to get out of town...Everyone was starting to get to be too much, chasing after me for one reason or another...I'm sorry."

"I wish you would've warned me! Is there any way you can come back, or tell me where you are so my mom and I can come see you..?"

"No, I'm sorry..." I felt Klaus tugging at the blanket. "Can I call you back later, where we can discuss this...privately?"

"He's there isn't he?"


"Okay. Call me as soon as you can." Bonnie hung up and I tossed my phone down.

"Can you be any more obnoxious?"

"Oh, I'm sure I can." He pulled all the blankets off and I squealed as I attempted to cover my legs. "Oh no you don't..." He pulled me down on the bed and pulled my legs apart easily, crawling up between them until his head was level with mine. "I'm not letting you go back to sleep."

"Why not? I like sleeping...Lets me dream about things other than your face." Klaus looked shocked and I cackled. "Sorry...I just can't control what I dream about."

"You'd better start." He grabbed my wrists and held them down. "What do you mean by 'things other than your face?' Are you dreaming about someone else's face?"

"No." Klaus grinned and ran his nose along my jaw and down my neck, and nipped lightly at it. I yelped. "No! I'm not dreaming about anyone else!"

"You sure? I'd be awfully angry if you were..." He nipped at my neck again, harder, hard enough to break the skin. I felt my blood begin to drip, and he licked it up immediately. "I'm feeling rather lascivious this morning...We've only got a short time until my witches arrive, so I suggest we make this quick."

"Wait, what?" I wrenched my head away from his and asked "What witches?"

He sighed and released my wrists and I sat up. He lay down in the spot I'd just vacated and said "I've got some of my witches arriving this morning, since you said you wanted to cure Amanda..."

"But...I didn't think you were serious about letting me do it...Really?" Klaus nodded and I jumped on top of him, hugging him viciously. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You are welcome, my love. Now, as I was saying..." He grabbed my bottom and rolled us over. "We have only a short time before my witches arrive."

"So let's get to it, then." I felt his arousal against my belly and grinned.


"Dani, this is Carla, Robert, and Lynne. They're here to watch over you as you work, and for whatever else you may need." I raised an eyebrow at Klaus. He was being unusually polite. "Whenever you're ready, I'll have Amanda come downstairs." He left me in the den with his three witches and went upstairs.

I stared at them, not quite knowing what to say. So I asked "What has Klaus told you about why you're here?"

The male, Robert, spoke up. "That we are to observe and intervene if necessary while you cure a vampire." He stiffened a bit and continued. "We are loyal to Klaus and so we will do this, though I am not entirely confident that a vampire can be cured."

I nodded slowly. "That is your right to feel that way. But I can assure you that you will feel differently after this ordeal is over. Has he told you about me?"

Robert shook his head. "We already knew of you. You would be hard pressed to find a supernatural creature that has not heard of the half-breed Dani Taylor and the chaos you have brought."

"Chaos? What chaos?" Robert looked uncomfortable. "Were you compelled not to say anything?"

"No. I have vervain with me, and cannot be compelled."

"Then spit it out, before I do compel you."

He took a deep breath. "There are some that would consider using you against their enemies, and against the humans. If you truly can cure a vampire, their lust for you will only grow stronger. I have heard only talk of this, but have seen no action as of yet. That does not mean there is not danger."

"I realize...But I contend that I am perfectly safe where I am. Aside from my own abilities, your masted would slaughter anyone that dares to try to take me. Now...all three of you are proficient in healing?" They nodded. "That's all I need to hear."

I went to the doorway and saw Kai standing sentinel by the bottom of the stairs. His face showed both his worry and excitement.

"Kai, please tell Klaus we are ready." He nodded and went up the stairs. I stood by the leather couch and waited patiently.

Klaus entered the room first followed by Amanda and Kai, who were holding hands. Kai kissed her cheek and I held in my smile as he went to stand with the other witches. Klaus came to my side, and Amanda stood before me.

"You understand what you're consenting to?" She nodded. "You understand that you won't be able to stop, and may not be able to turn back once you are human?" Another nod, and I took a deep breath. This was the hard one. "You understand that this is not definite, that it has been tried only once, and that there is not a guarantee you will survive?"

Amanda turned and looked to Kai, who smiled wide for her. The smile did not touch his eyes. She turned back to face me and said "I'm willing to take the risk."

"Then sit." She sat. I heard a collective stoppage of breath as I put my own wrist to my mouth and bit into the vein there. When I held it to Amanda, she looked confused, and so I said "You need to have my blood in your system in order for this to work."

Her confusion vanished and, perhaps a bit too greedily, sucked at the wound until the skin healed itself. Her pupils were wide and alive as she licked a few drips from her lips, and I knew the taste of my blood had ensnared her as easily as it did Klaus.

I put my hands on either side of her face and said "This is probably going to hurt. A lot."

I drew strength from my vampire half as I began the process, willing myself not to pass out again. Klaus had said my evil side was finally gone, but I wanted to be sure. Also, if curing people meant I would pass out for an entire day afterwards, it was going to be really bothersome.

I concentrated solely on Amanda now. I noticed immediately she felt different from Alaric. His ailment was death, and most of my effort went to healing his decomposed body, and then reattaching his soul to it. Amanda's soul and body were intact, but it felt as if they were both sick. The blackness of vampirism ran through them both, and I focused on ridding the blackness from her body.

I felt her stiffen as my blood magic began doing its work. Her eyes filmed over that vampire red, but the color drained back out of them. She opened her mouth in a silent scream, and I could see her fangs retreating back into her gums. The blackness was fading, all her vampire traits receding.

The last part to go was her immortality. Her silent mouth let out a scream as I tore this from her, and it was replaced with the temporary centre that was mortality. I felt myself grow unsteady, and as soon as I wrenched my hands from Amanda's face, I fell to the floor.


(Klaus' PointOfView)

Amanda screamed and Dani fell to the floor, her head smacking loudly against the hardwood and carpet. I sped to her side and lifted her into my arms, as Kai did with Amanda.

"Dani?" I could feel her heart beating and her lungs drawing in air, but she did not respond. "Dani!"

"Niklaus!" My head shot up to Kai, who had called my name. Amanda was in his arms, heart beating strong. I could smell her human blood in her veins. "It worked!"

"Of course it worked, it has before." I returned my attention to Dani. I shook her several times but she still did not wake. "Robert!"

The leader of my three witches stepped forward and knelt on the floor beside me. He pressed a hand to Dani's face and spoke a long, intricate spell.

When finished, he said "I feel nothing wrong with her. She has simply exhausted her magic. Some rest should have it back in no time."

At that, I stood with Dani in my arms and carried her up to our bedroom. My witches followed, standing in the doorway as I pulled the covers over her legs. I stood and turned to face them. "Why is her magic exhausted?"

"I do not know. She is not like us. But when a witch is out of practice or just discovering their powers, or tries to do a spell beyond her limits, there are some physical side effects. Since you said she has brought a spirit back to life, my guess would be that this is simply because she is just starting to use her abilities. But that is all it is: a guess."

It made sense. Even if Amanda was not fully dead as Alaric was, it was only Dani's second time performing the curing ritual. It would take time to get used to the magic.

"If you have no other information, leave us." The two females, Carla and Lynne, retreated. Robert stayed in place. "Yes?"

"You asked me to look into your former protégé, Marcel, and his activities here in New Orleans. I spoke to a witch under his command."


"And he has control over the entire city. Has a massive spell in place to detect any magic performed within his domain. He uses his witches to keep control over the vampires in town as well."

"That is not surprising...He did learn from me."

Robert nodded. "I was also informed that there is a price out on your and Dani's heads. Someone told him of her lineage and abilities after your meeting, and he now desires to control her power for his own purposes. He has warned his minions not to approach you, but to inform him directly of your whereabouts, should you be seen. I think he intends to capture you himself, and possibly use your power as well."

"My former apprentice would have a tough time doing so. I will rip him limb from limb and leave him to die of my bite if he even shows his face near my Dani again..." I took a deep breath, and released. "Go, inform the others of the situation, and tell them to be prepared for the possibility of battle. Send Kai and Amanda for supples. We will need them when Dani awakens."

Robert nodded and left. I cojnted myself somewhat lucky that I had a former military officer for a witch. He knew how to follow orders and never to question my command. If only all my followers were so complacent.

I went back to Dani, sitting on the bed beside her and taking her hand in mine. I tried again to wake her, but to no avail. If it was going to be this way every time she cured someone, I was not sure I wanted her to do it anymore. Yes, she could potentially be a powerful weapon...but I did not want to lose the woman I love.

I looked to the engagement ring on the bedside table. She had not put it back on in the days since we fought over her wanting to become human.

I always knew there was a possibility, from the moment we discovered her vampiric link to my brother Elijah, that she would want to turn herself human. That she might want a human life, one with friends and a family and an eventual death. I often prayed silently that she would want to stay with me, rule by my side, and be immortal forever.

I stroked her long silver hair, imagining it being blonde or brown if she were to turn fully human. I imagined her skin being not as pale, having a healthy pink glow from the blood rushing beneath it. I imagined her dark blue eyes would lighten to a more natural shade, like that of the sky or sea.

Those were some of the very reasons I did not want her to cure herself. I loved her silver hair and the way it shined in the light. I loved her perfect skin and the way it healed after we ravaged each other. I loved her dark eyes, their color reminding me of the most perfect sapphires. I liked her this way. She may have only seen herself as stuck between two infinites, human and vampire, but I saw her as something more. As someone worthy of the unique power she held.

I just did not know how to express all of this to Dani herself. Perhaps if I could find a way, make her see why I love her the way she is and not just for her power, then she would not be so angry with me...

I did not know how to do that just yet. So I simply took the ring and placed it back on her finger for her to find when she awoke. I stood and left the bedroom, shutting the door securely before leaving the house.

If Marcel wanted to see me, then see me he would. He wanted to put my Dani in harm's way, to use her as nothing more than a threat against me and anyone else who opposed him, and that was something I could not allow. I had put her through enough, and would not let someone else put her through more of the same.


(Third Person PointOfView)

Some time after Klaus left, when she was sure Robert and Carla were not watching her, Lynne crept up the stairs to the second floor. She went to the room where she knew Dani was resting and opened the door just far enough to slip inside.

She went to the bed and watched Dani sleep. She held a great disgust for the creature lying before her. Dani was an abomination. There had never been a crossing between vampires and humans before because there was not supposed to be, because it was against the laws of nature. Yet, here Dani lay.

What Dani did was unnatural too. Curing a vampire, supposedly bringing someone back from the dead...Those things shouldn't be allowed to happen. It would only cause strife between those that wish to be human and those that wished to use Dani as a weapon against their enemies. There was evidence enough of that in the way Klaus was handling things with Dani.

Lynne touched her hand to Dani's forehead, prepared to recite a spell that would assure she never awakened again.

"Lynne?" She paused, listening. "Lynne!"

She quickly withdrew her hand from Dani and hurried out of the room. Just as she was closing the door behind her, Robert appeared at the top of the stairs.

"What are you doing up here? And near Dani's room?"

"I was checking if she was awake yet, since nobody else seemed to remember to."

He looked incredulous. "Get downstairs. Now." She stalked past him down the stairs.

Robert opened the door and looked in on Dani. She was still sleeping silently, not having moved from when Klaus laid her down some time ago. He closed the door quietly, deciding to restrict Lynne from the second floor while Klaus was gone. She had not done anything wrong, but he did not want to take any chances. Besides the fact that Klaus was undoubtedly kill him if anything happened, he understood how important Dani was to Klaus and to vampires everywhere.

Yes, she could be used as a weapon, but she could also mean the end of all the fighting. The end of all the wars between the vampires and the werewolves and the witches...Just a return to a time when everything was nice and normal.

Robert did miss that.

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