Group Story Sign-Ups!

Read below! IMPORTANTE!

Chapter 1


I was thinking of making a group story where a girl (my character) is sent to an orphanage after she's taken away from her adoptive family (her adoptive mother was arrested for physically abusing her). The girl makes friends with an odd group of four (three girls, one boy) that seem to be outcasts. As the days go by, she begins to notice weird things happening around the orphanage: mutterings in the night, two red eyes that are always beside hers in the mirror, and then, one fateful day, one of her new friends is found dead, hanging from the rafters of the attic. It's sort of a thriller/horror story, and I'm looking for four writers to play the parts of my character's new friends: three girls and one boy. (You don't have to be a girl to write from a girl's perspective or a boy to write from a boy's perspective!)
One of the girls is going to die, so specify in the comments if you want that to be your character (don't worry, you'll be able to write quite a bit. The death won't happen for a while yet).

Here's my character (use this format when creating yours, unless there's something you'd like to add):

Name: Elina Caverly
Age: 14
Appearance: Long mousy-brown hair, blue eyes, average height, skinny, pasty skin.
Background: Was sent to the orphanage after her adoptive mother, Diane, began to physically abuse her. (She was taken away from her adoptive mother and father, who didn't have any biological children.)
Family: Her real mother had her when she was nineteen and gave her up for adoption; she was adopted by David and Diane Hewitt, who, as the years went by, grew to despise their adopted daughter.
Personality: Has a bad temper, but generally quiet. Hesitant to get attached to anyone. Is used to fending for herself and doesn't like to rely on other people.
Interests: She spends a lot of time hating her adoptive family for abusing her, and often holes up somewhere and reads for hours.
Other: She's not the one who dies.

There's always that one person who asks me if something like this has happened to me in real life: NO. I totally made up the idea for this story; I really enjoy horror and the scared-out-of-my-mind, tingly feeling it gives me, and I know other people on here do too, so I thought I'd take a stab at it! (Stab? Knife? Get it? Heh.)
Help me out here, guys, last time I tried to do a group story I couldn't find three people out of four hundred friends to write with me. Trust me on this one.

One more thing: THIS ISN'T FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, but don't be afraid to comment with your character info! Thanks!

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