My Perfect Guy Is You

Just a poem I wrote. :)

Chapter 1

My Perfect Guy Is You

by: Bye_Bye_
You asked me last night,
What my perfect guy would do,
To make the minutes in my day,
Seem less then a few.

It took some time,
To make up my mind,
And the first thing,
Is that he would have to be kind.

I also want a man who will listen,
Pick me up when I am down,
Who will make me have a lovely day,
Even if it started with a frown.

I want a man who will try,
When I am having a bad week,
To do what ever he has to,
To bring a dimple to my cheek.

I want a man that will take my hand,
And try to make me see,
That I am not alone,
And that he is there for me.

I want a man that tells me goodnight,
And that he'll see me when I wake,
Someone who will stick around,
My heart, he will make sure not to break.

My perfect man will be loyal,
Someone who will keep good to his word,
Even if the deal he makes,
Is utterly absurd.

I want someone who,
Will stand by me to the very end,
And even when it's hard,
Will help my broken heart to mend.

Someone who will make me smile,
When all I want to do is cry,
Who will reach out for my hand,
And never say good-bye.

You asked me how my perfect guy,
Would make the minutes seem so few,
So I hope you have made the connection,
Between my perfect guy and you.

'Cause baby, I know this sounds cliche,
But trust me, It's true,
My one and only perfect guy,
Could be nobody else by you.


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