Cut My Mouth and Make Me Bleed: A Short Horror Story

So basically I want to do a series of short horror stories for Halloween. They will all only be about five chapters long (give or take). This one will be the first and it is based off the Japanese Urban Legend of The Slit-Mouth Woman.

If you want to read the legend go to the link:


Chapter 1

Do you think I'm beautiful?

Tokyo, Japan

The sky was dark, not even a single star could conquer the thick blanket of clouds. It was nearing midnight now, Jack should have been home hours ago but he had to work late. Zoe wouldn't be very happy with him staying at the office for so long but he had a bad habit of over working when he had a lot on his mind.
And he definitely had a lot on his mind tonight.

He shivered from the piercing cold as he made his way into the parking garage, it was the dead of winter and one of the coldest days on record. Jack's mind continued to pace, he tried to pull his thoughts onto something else but the effort gave him a headache. He pulled his keys from his pocket and clicked the remote, at the end of the lot his car beeped loudly in the silence. He groaned, he didn't remember parking that far away, Jack sighed started walking to his car.

The soft pattering sound of feet started from an unknown direction, Jack glanced behind him but he didn't see anything. He brushed it off and continued walking to his car but soon the sound came again.
Jack stopped, "Hello? Is anybody there?" He called out into the parking garage and his voiced echoed off the cement walls and filled the seemingly deserted garage. There was no response so he turned back around, only to come face to face with a woman. Jack startled but he recovered quickly and got a better look at the woman. She had dark hair to her waist, a light complexion and a scarf brought up to cover her face so that all that Jack could see were her almond shaped sparkling green eyes.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to scare you," the woman spoke in an alluring voice.

Jack smiled widely and chuckled, "Don't you worry about it ma'am, I think I'll live."

"Are you sure?" she asked innocently. Jack laughed again, thinking nothing of her comment. He shivered again, he never did like the cold much. Why he had never gotten a better winter coat was beyond him, and some gloves and a scarf would be nice too.

"Do you think I'm beautiful?" The strange woman asked suddenly. Confusion creased Jack's forehead and he stared at the woman, shocked at her question. He wasn't sure of what to say at first, he thought that this must be a lonely woman with low self esteem.

"Why, of course you're beautiful. Why do you even need to ask?" Jack said. The woman's eyes creased as if she were smiling but Jack could not see it behind the heavy wool scarf. Then the woman's hand reached up and yanked the scarf off and exposing her face. Jack's screams echoed off of the cemented walls of the parking garage as he laid his eyes on her for the first time. Her mouth was jaggedly torn from ear to ear, flaps of skin dangling from her jaw, her teeth exposed and covered in blood.

"Am I beautiful now?" The woman screamed at Jack, he fell to the ground in fear and cowered away from her. Covering his eyes so that he didn't need to see her horrible face Jack began to cry while quietly whimpering.

"No, please don't hurt me."

The woman screamed again at Jack's fear and pulled a long pair of scissors from her long trench coat. Then with the overly sized cutting scissors the woman cut off Jack's head, letting his blood stain the ground around his car.
Then she walked away unseen.


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