The Love of a Horse

The Love of a Horse

Chapter 1

The Love of a Horse

by: Luxray100
The sun has risen over the horizon,
the light shines off of the amber leaves,
and creates flames in the place of the trees,
I call out to my cremello as I come to the empty feild,
he gallops across the grass towards me,
I look into his icy blue eyes and see into his caring soul,
I bury my face into his soft fur as the frigid wind blows through,
his coat is as warm as his heart,
his summer fur falls like snow as I run the brush across his side,
I lay the blanket across him before placing the saddle,
I cling to the reins as we fly across the feild,
as my hair whips my face and his breath becomes clouds,
our bond becomes stronger,
our hearts beat as one,
and our souls become forever entwined.

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