DWMA Miester and Weapon: A Soul Eater story

Characters: Aki Lorel
Brea (Breanne) Uiaka
Mika Kisato

Chapter 1

Aki: The Book

"Aki," my grandmother screeched from down the long twisting stairs of our house. I haven't been feeling myself lately and well I can't find why but I'm going to fix it today. This dark, stained, scrappy piece of paper stuck to a page in an old book is my answer. The picture was labeled Tiffany and Jim DWMA graduation, I flip the picture to the front to see a happy couple probualy in their late teens early twenties grinning back at me. Behind them was a tall figure in black with a white smiling skull mask pretending to chop the couple's heads. The girl, Tiffany, has bright red hair, leafy green eyes, pale skin with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose, and big round glasses resting on her face. Jim has shiny black hair, electric blue eyes, he is pretty tan with small patches of pale skin below his left eye, and the weirdest thing is he only has one arm. What I mean by that is he has one arm and a long black scythe blade replacing the other.
I look closer at the photo and see a small white skull pin stuck to Jim's sports jacket, it read Death Scythe Jim Lorel. My last name is Lorel! I flick the photo back over and check the date the picture was taken; June 2, 1983. Four years before my mom and dad died in a "shooting". I don't believe that's how they died although my family is as normal and dysfunctional as anyone else's I don't think my parents were normal at all. "They were special," I say confidently into the dark cellar. Just as my words escape my mouth my left leg starts to shutter and then BAM it's gone. Slowly but surely came a long black scythe blade to trade spots with my leg. And I know I should be suprised and probualy having a heart attack on the floor but I'm not at all suprised almost expectant of this new ability. I rushed through the book recalling there being a phone number somewhere in here.
In the back of the book on the grossest page was a phone number scribbled down in black ink 42-42-564.
I run and grab my phone dialing the number before I even had time to think about what I was going to say. I smacked the phone up to my ear waiting for a friendly hello on the other like most people say when they answer the phone. Two rings go by and then I get a loud "This number cannot be accepted as dialed please try again." My heart sinks low in my chest, I think I finally have something exciting in this boring life of mine but nope. I slowly set down the phone and pick up the book again flipping back to the number. My eyes skim over the numbers and stop on tiny print I hadn't notice before. It read "to activate breathe onto a reflective surface or preferably a window creating fog then trace the numbers into the moisture." My body propelled itself into a standing up position and I run to the dusty window of the cellar blowing a foggy surface into the glass. My fingers trace the numbers along the cool wet glass.
I hear several rings similar to the ones from a cell phone and then there stood a lean black figure in a smiling white skull mask. "Hello hello," his voice rang from inside whatever dream world he is standing in. A wide grin spreads over my face as I lean forward to get a closer look at this thing. "Who are you," I ask sounding a lot more suprised than I feel. "Ahhhh young Aki Lorel! How are you?!" I shrug kind of astonished he even knows my name but in some corner of my mind I recognize his face too. "Fine but you haven't answered my question yet," I press trying to get confrontation for the tiny voice echoing in my head. His black shoulders shrug and the mask seems to grin even wider "How bout you come and find out yourself!" I had already decided I was going anyway so all I needed was a small push and I would be on my way. I nod and suddenly I'm holding a map old and ancient looking but clearly there. When I look back up at the mirror the black figure is gone and so is the numbers. I gather up everything and shoot downstairs, off to DWMA!

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