Don't Speak a One Direction Love Story

name: Abigal Verona
age: 17
height: 5" 2'
hair: long, strait black hair
eyes: hazel
look: skinny
personality: sweet, caring, shy

name: Kelly Walker
age: 18
height: 4" 10'
hair: short, curly reddish brown hair
eyes: blue
look: in the middle of skinny and curvy
personality: fun, random, sweet, friendly, kind

Chapter 4

You are not forgiven!

I got a text from Abby and I texted back
"You are not forgiven! Don't talk to me anymore!" ~Kelly

I can't believe she wouldn't my birthday just because she didn't want me to be happy! Why was I even friends with her at all? I don't care about her anymore and I don't need her. I went through my phone and saw Niall's number. I called him and he picked up. I said "Hey Niall". Niall said "Hey Kelly whats wrong you seem upset?" I sighed and said "I am upset, can I go to where your at and I'll tell you". Niall said "Of course babe, I'll text you where I'm at!" I said "Okay I love you Nialler". Niall said "Love you to". We hung up and he texted me where he was at. I ran to where he was at and started to talk to him.

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