Don't Speak a One Direction Love Story

name: Abigal Verona
age: 17
height: 5" 2'
hair: long, strait black hair
eyes: hazel
look: skinny
personality: sweet, caring, shy

name: Kelly Walker
age: 18
height: 4" 10'
hair: short, curly reddish brown hair
eyes: blue
look: in the middle of skinny and curvy
personality: fun, random, sweet, friendly, kind

Chapter 3

what did i do!

"Kelly wait!" i say, going after her, "I am so so so so sorry! I.. I don't know what got into me. Can you forgive me?"
"NO I WILL NOT!!!" she yelled, "YOU JUST RUINED MY BIRTHDAY!!! I NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN!!!" she said, storming off.
"WHY CAN'T YOU FORGIVE ME?!?!?!" i yelled after her. she was to far away to hear me, so i took out my phone to give her a text. 'y can't u forgive me? i don't no wat got into me. i am so sorry. i do want u 2 b hapy. i just never had anyone like me before and my dad left me and killed my mother wen i wasn't even a year old. u hav ben my best friend 4 life because i was left on the street and ur mom was kind enough to pick me up and adopt me. y can't u forgive me? -a' i clicked send and fell on the ground crying. "dear lord, please say that she does forgive me. i still want her to be my bff."

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