Don't Speak a One Direction Love Story

name: Abigal Verona
age: 17
height: 5" 2'
hair: long, strait black hair
eyes: hazel
look: skinny
personality: sweet, caring, shy

name: Kelly Walker
age: 18
height: 4" 10'
hair: short, curly reddish brown hair
eyes: blue
look: in the middle of skinny and curvy
personality: fun, random, sweet, friendly, kind

Chapter 1

Kelly meets Niall

"Happy birth day, Kel!" i yell as i run into my best friend, Kelly's room.
"What?" she said, sleepily.
"Don't you remember? Its your birth day!" i say.
"Oh yeah." she says, and gets up.
"I want to show you something. You remember you have a crush on Niall Horan, right?" i say, and lead her into the living room, "Well here is your dream come true!" i say as i open the front doors. Niall is standing outside, with fresh picked lilys in his hand. Kelly screams and hugs him.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she squeals.
"For you, princess." Niall says, handing the lilys to Kelly,
"So... do you like it?" I say.
"No." she says, sternly, "I LOVE it!" she hugs Niall.
"Well i'm glad. Do you want to see something else?"
"Would i!" i lead her inside, her hand around Niall, snuggling into his chest.
"Tada!" i say, as i motion towards a big plate of cake and mint ice cream (Kelly's fave!) and pull out a chair from under the table.
"Oh... my.. gosh!" she says as she sits down. She instantly starts gobbling the ice cream and cake up and i bring out a plate of bacon, eggs and sausage. She gobbles that up, too!
"Hey! What about me?!?!" Niall said. I bring out a plate of minced meat, toast and eggs. "Thank you so much! I haven't had food all day!"
"But its six o'clock." i say with a weird look on my face. We all start to laugh. Then, there was a knock on the door.
"I got it!" Niall says. He opens the door and to our suprise, Kelly's mom and dad came in.
"Happy birth day, my little muffin!" her mom, Sheral, comes up to her and gives her a HUGE hug.
"Okay, Mom. I think this hug should be done." Kelly said, trying to get her mom's tight hug off of hwer.
"Don't rush me!" Sheral said, hudding her tighter.
"Hello there, Kelly." her dad, Max came up with a present in his hands.
"Okay. I will let go of you so you can open your present." Sheral said, letting her koala grip go of Kelly. Kelly instantly grabed the present, ripping it open. To her suprise, it was a laptop, five outfits and a little box. She cairfully opened it, thinking it was glass. It was a set of keys. She squealed, hopping up from her seat, running out the door. She stood there, stairing at the brand new car. Deep purple, her faveorite color. Niall comes up from behind her, showing her two tickets to an ice show. She squieled again and gave him a huge hug. That night, When i waited for my best friend to get back from her date, i turned on the tv.
"We have seen Niall Horan of One Direction, kissing a girl. Her name was Kelly Walker. Niall said that he has found a special girl. He does still like Demi, but his quest for a girl has faded as he kisses this beautiful girl. Now, for the missing childrens report. A young girl has vani..." i ran out the door,crying because i never found a girl and she was never the favorite girl. I was much more popular then her! Why don't any boys come to me?!

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