RATE ME XD xxxxxx

hey everyone!!
go ahead and rate me :)

Chapter 1


Rate me then repost, hehe i am leave you all a little message on each one :)

(1) Crazy - hell yeah i am!
(2) I'd marry you. - awww get's down on one knee not if i marry you first ♥
(3) I'd date you. - cute but i am taken by my lovley alex ♥
(4) Sarcastic. - sarcasim (no idea how to spell that) is funnn
(5)I miss you. - awww i'm right here
(6) I'd kiss you . - hehe let me go find my lipgloss ♥
(7) Beautiful. -aww so not true!
(8) Smart - DUMB BLONDE ALERT! - haahah
(9) Imaginative . - imagine if...........
(10) Random. i just ate a jammy dodger :) - i actually did!
(11) Jerk . - thanks love you too XD hehe i know i am a jerk! but i try not to be
(12) Funny - aww no you are!
(13) awesome-. hugs no that would be you
(14) amazing . - cute XD
(15) tough . i may be small but i bite! - hehe i don't actually :)
(16) cute . nawwww you are ♥
(17) I'd hit you with a bus . well i'd hit you with a train! - never would because i love you sooo much
(18)I love you . aww love you too
(19) Weirdo . and proud!
(20) Friends forever . and ever and ever and ever.........
(21) Marry me? i'd love too ♥
(22) Your mine! oh yeah i am!
(23) I never want to loose you well you ain't gonna because i am stuck to you like glue :)


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