this is a poem about my boyfriend who broke my heart. he broke up with me just because i'm not christain. i know it's not very good. i just felt like sharing. he was my first ever and probably only. no boy looks at me twice.

Chapter 1

Broken but moved on?

by: Thorn666
You shattered My heart,
You shattered my soul,
Its all Torn apart,
You can't repair it,
I don't think anyone can,
You betrayed me,
Just like everyone else,
But what can I say?,
You're just a heart breaker,
Just a boy who cares for himself,
No one else,
Now you're the past,
A piece of glass,
I'm moving on,
Don't try to stop me,
Cuz I might just collapse,
Into a pile of tears,
Back into your arms


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