Personal (Repost From Someones Repost)

So I saw one of my friends have this and thought it was pretty cool:D

Please check it outXD

Chapter 1

Shhh, Don't Tell All My Secrets

1.) When was ur First kiss? Never had my first kiss yet(sigh!)
2.) How old were u when you had your first boyfriend? I was 13 years old and 1 day~it was like my own little birthday present because he asked 23 of december!
3.) Are u tall or short? Tallish (5’5) I'm tall, haha not that tall but hey:) I like my height:D
4.) Who do u tell more secrets to family or friends? Friends(For some reason I just prefer to tell them, plus friends let you drone on and on)
5.) Name of ur girl BFF? Abi
6.) Name of ur guy BFF? Robin
7.) Jeans or skirts? Both(I like skinny jeans but I also but mind getting dressed up:D)
8.) Red or Pink? Hot Pink
9.) Shy or Loud? Shy around people I dont know
10.) Do u have a boyfriend? No:( But I'm working on that situation because I really want one! Haha:)
11.) If u were famous what would u want it to be for? Singing and my writing! I love to sing so I watch for my beautiful voice for the voice next year(Haha jkXD)
12.) Purple or Yellow? Purple! (I hate yellow, but my mom loves it)
13.) Worst fear? Being alone(I guess, I can't really think right now)
14.) Ur hair color? A dark brown with carmel highlights:D
15.) Eye color? Very very very dark brown(I really want blue eyes, a soft pale blue)
16.) Chocolate or Sweets? Haha hmm... BOTH OF THEM!
17.) Are u random or normal? Random(Haha no one is normal!)
18.) Vampire Diaries, Hunger games or Harry potter? VD Die-hard fan! :D
19.) Favorate music genre? Alternative Rock:D(Oh Yeah!)
20.) Green or Blue? Out of these.. BLUE!
21.) 1D or Justin Bieber? Yuckie... None of them!
22.) If u could change ur name what would it be? Oh geez, I have alot of choices! Averie or Blaire or Caressa
23.) Do u like 1D? Honestly~no:) Sorry girls but ewwie
24.) Have u ever been in a car accident? Yeah, here and there. I was alot younger though
25.) Have u ever been in a house fire? Nope, but I burnt the carpet!
26.) Do u like Twilight? Yeah I do:D I mean its not the worst thing ever and I will be seeing the 12 show. Im not embarrassed:D.
27.) Boyfriends name? I dont have one yet(haha!) I mean my ex's name was Mark. So hopefully my new boyfriend will be Evan!
28.) Do u have a crush on anyone? Haha yeah... Hince Evan and me saying how I will get a boyfriend
29). Do you have a crush on anyone from Quibblo? NopeXD
30.) Last question would u rather have love and many friends forever OR be extremely rich forever? Have love and friends, I dont care about being rich. Haha hey my love can be a movie star and my friend can be Miley Cyrus! So either way I will live a very rich live:D


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