Can You Fix Me (A Harry Styles Love Story)

Can You Fix Me (A Harry Styles Love Story)

19 year old Ali lives in London with her best friend Emily and Son. Ali's son is called Aidan. He is 3 years old. The father of the child had died the night Aidan was born in a car crash. Then Ali meets no other than One Direction. But Ali's world turns upside down when she gets some of the worst news ever said to her.

Chapter 1

The Beginning Of The Time Of Your Life Part 1/2

"Em! Lets go!" I shouted.

She walked out of the bathroom carrying Aidan. I took Aidan and we walked out the door.

"So where exactly are you going?" She asked.

"I don't know. Lets just walk." I said.

"But Ali, I thought we were going shopping." She asked.

We walked past a couple stores.

"Mummy... can we go in that store?" Aidan asked and pointed.

He wanted to go into the a Jack Wills store. I nodded and we walked in. I put Aidan on the ground he ran off as soon as his feet touched the ground. Em and I decided to take two directions so we could trap him, when we found him. I started walking and could hear Aidan laughing. It was coming from the sweatshirt area. I walked closer and he started laughing again.

"Aidan!" I said.

It was quiet for a bit.

"Shh... that's my mummy." He said.

A couple of seconds later a brown curly haired boy popped out of nowhere and he was holding Aidan. Wow he had a amazing smile.

"Is this yours?" He asked.

"Yes that is mine." I answered with a smile.

I walked closer to the boy and took Aidan from him.

"Your kid helped me pick out a new sweatshirt." He said.

I smiled at him and looked at the purple sweatshirt that was in his hand.

"Oh... my... Harry!" Shouted Em.

I turned around and she looked like she had just won a million dollars. She started walking closer and started staring at the boy.

"Hello you must be a fan!" Said the boy.

A fan? Of what?

"I am not a fan I am a directioner!" Em Corrected.

She looked at me and noticed that I looked confused.

"Oh Ali this is Harry Styles... from One Direction." She finally said.

"Oh... she talks about One Direction all the time! She talks about some boy from the band I think called Nigel like all the time." I said.

"Oh you mean Niall? I am guessing you are not a fan?" Harry asked.

"I have only heard like one song." I said.

"Oh... well you two should meet the rest of the band." Harry offered.

"Are you serious? That means that I get to meet the boy of my dreams!" Em shouted.

Some people glanced over at her and gave her weird looks and I didn't care because I am used to her shouting in stores.

"If you want Niall to fancy you don't cry when you first meet him." Suggested Harry.

"Okay I won't!" She said.

"Perfect... oh it is okay if I get one of your numbers so I can text you where to meet?" Harry asked.

Em reached in my pocket and grabeed my phone and gave it to Harry.

"Em!" I said.

"That's Ali's just put your number in Harry." She said.

"Okay. Ali will you be coming?" Harry asked.

"Only if Aidan can come!" I said.

"Absolutely bring him! The lads would enjoy to play with him!" Said Harry.

I smiled at him and Harry gave me back my phone and he waved at us and walked away.

"I can't believe that I just met Harry Styles! Isn't he just... so perfect!" Said Em.

"He seems friendly." I said.

Em laughs a little and smiles at me.

"You have no idea!" She said.


Hey this is my newest story! I like just though of this and it seemed good in my head. Let me know if I should continue or not.

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