Keep Calm and Don't Fall in Love (a Hogwarts Group Story)

Keep Calm and Don't Fall in Love (a Hogwarts Group Story)

hey, so this is after the battle of Hogwarts. but not all the evil is gone from this world...

hey, so if you like this comment and rate! it's a group story with me and cupcakeluv4eva! friend if her if you're not already friends with her! :D

Chapter 3

Why didn't we set an alarm?

"Get UP! Raven, get up NOW!"

I sat up in bed too quickly and fell over, banging my head on the wall.

"Goddammit!" I cursed as I heard insistent knocking on my door.

I rolled out of bed and stumbled to the door, rubbing my eyes. I opened the door to see Alex standing there, dressed and ready to go.

"What do you want? It's three in the bloody morning." I yawned.

Alex snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Hello? Anyone in there? We're going to miss the bloody ferry to London!"

I clapped a hand over my mouth. "Shiit!"

I slammed the door in Alex's face. Then I opened it back up. "I'll be right out!"

Shutting the door behind me, I ran to my dresser and grabbed my Union Jack skinny jeans and a random tank top that said "Never say Never".

I changed quickly and then threw on my combat boots. I grabbed my snapback and tossed my wand into my bag, grabbed my trunk, and walked out the door.

Alex grabbed my trunk and we ran downstairs and out the door to the Muggle taxi that was waiting for us in the dark. We threw my stuff in the back and I climbed in the back. Skylar was off hunting, but she knew to go to Hogwarts.

I looked out the window at our house as Alex gave the driver directions. Mum was definitely still sleeping. She never gets up to see us off and she never says good-bye.


her outfit:


Alex and I raced through King Cross station, wheeling our carts madly and attracting many stares from the Muggles.

"Come on, Raven!" Alex said for the thousandth time. "It's 10 minutes until eleven. We have to be on the train or we're not getting there."

I rolled my eyes, but started walking faster. We'd had to get on the ferry to even get to the UK. That took a few hours.

Then we had to get on the train to London for another 5 bloody hours. And now we were cutting it so close that we won't have a compartment on the Hogwarts Express.

Alex raced through into the platform and I follwed close behind. In the station, the train's whistle blew shrilly and everyone was hit with a blast of steam. Then we were hurrying to the train, pushing parents out of the way rather rudely. Not that we really gave a damnn.

Alex grabbed both of our trunks and placed them just inside the train and I grabbed Alex's owl, Jasper and we both hopped on the train. And not a minute too soon. I was still on the bottom step of the train when it started moving.

I handed Alex his owl cage and then almost fell backwards off of the slowly moving train. Alex dropped Jasper's cage on the ground and grabbed my arm tightly, pulling me back on the train and into the walkway.

"Bloody hell, that was close!" I said, picking up my bag. Alex shook his head as he picked up his bag and Jasper's cage.

We left our trunks there, knowing they'd be sent to our dorms. We began to search up and down the whole bloody train for a compartment to sit in. But nearly everywhere was full.

Then I got shoved into the wall roughly. I turned to see Oscar Knowles and Nathan Payne laughing their arses off.

I turned back around, ducking my head as other turned their heads to watch.

"Yeah, that's right, O'Nelly! You keep that head down!" I heard Payne yell at my back. They think it's so funny when they call me "O'Nelly" instead of "O'Neiley"

Alex wasn't even paying attention. "Here, Raven, I think that this compartment is good." Without waiting for me to answer, Alex slid the door open.

Alex poked his head in. "Do you mind if my sister and I sit in here? Everywhere else is full."

I heard a girl's voice say, "Yeah, no problem, Alex." I rolled my eyes. Great. I thought. He picked a compartment full of girls. Thank God I remembered my iPod this morning.

I followed Alex into the compartment tentatively. Alex sat down next to a girl with brown hair and I was able to see people in the compartment. My eyes widened as I saw who they were: Sam Klein and Suzanne Reilley.

My flicked to Sam before I looked away quickly, blushing.

Alex didn't notice anything again. "Raven, this is Sam and Suzanne, Suzanne and Sam, this is Raven."

"Hello!" Suzanne said, smiling brightly.

"Hey." Sam said, grinning crookedly.

I nodded slightly, gave a little wave, and then sat down two seats from Alex, putting my bag on the seat between us. I'm sure I was red as a beat, but I busied myself by searching in my bag.

"So how has your summer been, Alex?" I heard Suzanne ask.

"Not bad. We couldn't wait to come back, though." Alex replied.

I finally fished out my Muggled iPod and earbuds and immediately started playing loud music in my ears.

Alex elbowed me, but I just elbowed him back, my eyes fixed on the screen.

It's my last time to be able to do this for a while because Muggle electronics don't work on the grounds of Hogwarts. That and I don't want to babble on and make it obvious that I have a huge crush on Sam Klein.

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