Keep Calm and Don't Fall in Love (a Hogwarts Group Story)

Keep Calm and Don't Fall in Love (a Hogwarts Group Story)

hey, so this is after the battle of Hogwarts. but not all the evil is gone from this world...

hey, so if you like this comment and rate! it's a group story with me and cupcakeluv4eva! friend if her if you're not already friends with her! :D

Chapter 2

TinTin Again!

It has been a full 6 years since my mother died. Nothing has ever been the same since that night. The night where my mother went to work and was reported dead the next hour. They caught the death eater who killed my mother.

It was before I was starting Hogwarts. Christopher was going in to his 1st year. Meghan was only 8 years old.

Christopher, Meghan, and I were all fine. We did our best to try to forget about it. It was hard but we managed. It was our dad that couldn't move on. He cried harder than ever before. The weight of the world was on his shoulders.

When I first started Hogwarts, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle all the pressure. The pressure of my mother and the fact that I am the only American who attends Hogwarts. I moved to London when I was an infant. I was still a witch, but I would've gone to a different school though.

I am starting my 5th year. I couldn't wait to see the castle known as Hogwarts. I couldn't wait to see my best friend Sam. I was so excited to be able to go back to Quidditch. I am the Seeker on the Gryffindor Team.

Today was the day before I left for Kings Cross. We didn't live too far away. Just about 20 minutes away. My trunk was packed and ready to go. I had all my supplies in my trunk. I left my wand out and some wizard money.

It was around 7 PM. I was sitting on my bed, reading The Daily Prophet. The headline for this week's edition was about the History of Hogwarts. There was a knock on my door and Christopher poked his head in.

"Dad says that dinner is ready!" He announced, one of his brown waves fell in his face.

I stand up, place the newspaper on my bed, and follow Christopher downstairs. There plates of mashed potatoes on the table, some vegetables, and chicken. To go along, there were some rolls.

Meghan was already at the table. Meghan was starting her 3rd year. She will get to visit Hogsmeade this year.

Our dad came in from the kitchen. He had dark circles under his eyes which probably meant he had a bad night. Probably dreaming about Mom.

"Are you guys ready for another year at Hogwarts?" He asked, sitting down.

"I finally get to see Hogsmeade for the first time!" Meghan squealed.

Christopher took a bite of his roll and said, "I get to see Henry Weasley again!"

"Professor McGonagall said that Hogwarts will start having Balls. You know, dances with gowns and such," I say.

"Sounds like fun," Dad said, nodding his head.

The rest of dinner was silent. The only sound was the clinking of forks and knives. Once I was finished, I hurried upstairs and into my bedroom. I was about to start getting ready for bed but I heard a tapping noise. It was TinTin, Sam's barn owl.

I opened the window and let him fly in. He had a letter. I could make out Sam's messy handwriting.

"Come here, TinTin!" I call. TinTin flew over and let me unstrap the letter. When I was done, I pulled out the cage that I had in case TinTin ever came. TinTin flew in and started drinking from the bottle that was in there.

I didn't have an owl. I had a cat. Poncho. I don't know why I named her Poncho. I guess I just liked ponchos.

I opened the letter and read aloud:

Dear Suzie,

I got your letter. I am really excited too! I can't wait to get back to potions class with Slughorn! TinTin also seems excited.
I think we should meet at our usual compartment on the train. Okay?
Sorry this is so short, I don't have enough time these days!

Your friend,


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