Don't stop believing.

He loved her, she loved him.
He remembers,
She doesn't.

Chapter 1

Short story.

by: ErinEdan
My love was put in a coma.

A coma they say she might never get out of.

It happened before my eyes,

I wasn’t paying attention and…somehow
The car flipped.

She was a singer.
A beautiful,
Creative singer.

The last song she sang to me was her favorite.

“Don’t stop believing.”

And that exactly what I intend to do.

I can never stop believing she will come back,
Because…I know she will.

So I can see her smile light up a room again.
Her Curly brown hair,
Hear her contagious laugh.
Her dimples on her cheeks
The bright green eyes she has.
The beautiful name role off my tongue, with out the pain that goes with it.

“Camilla Ann Smith.”

The night it happened I gave her a ring.
A ring that signifies a life of love,
She said yes and slipped it on her finger,
Her smile was beautiful.
I felt like we were the only people in the world.
But only if I new that was the last time I would see her smile her real smile. I would off cherished it more.
Then we flipped.

And my love was put into a coma in front of my very eyes, a coma she might never get out of.
Then I heard a noise I thought I’d almost given up on.

“Were am I?”

…Camilla was awake.

“Love, your okay thank God”! I screamed though the room and gave her a hug.
“Do-do I know you?”

Those four words killed me.
It felt like my soul had left me.

My love, the one I proposed to…
Didn’t know who I was.

“Where am I”? A very confused girl stated at the nurse.

“Your in the hospital… do you remember anything at all?”

“No…who am I?”

“Your Camilla Ann Smith, My Fiancé…”

The words Just flew out of my mouth before I could stop them….

And I woke up from the recurring dream…

The dream I wish was real, but my love was still lying in her bed deep in her sleep she’s been in for so long.

And then I cried.

I cried the hardest I’d cried in a lifetime.
The gods could her my sorrow and pain.

The pain of maybe never seeing my love,
The sorrow that the life we wanted might never happen…
It just gets to you over time.
I fell asleep next to her bed listening to her heartbeat that night.
And that night I actually didn’t believe she would wake up….
I woke up with my head on her lap.
She was still sleeping.
Her breathing calming me…I just sat there and forgot about everything in the world.
Just thought about us.
Thought about our dates and movie nights everything worth remembering. I thought about it. I thought about how she changed me how she made me see the bright sides in life even if every thing’s terrible. Thought about how she would say my name…

“Brandon Cade Jones”

The way it rolled off her tongue, how she would combine it in her songs and sing to me.
How she would stare into my dark eyes as she sang…
The way she would smile at the simplest things.
How she would play with my hair…twirl it in her finger like she didn’t know it irked me...but now I would give anything to have her do that.
And care about everything and anything in the world.
The way she reminded me of….


It was noon by the time I finished thinking about my memories I once shared with her.

It was like a dream, remembering all the happy things I once had in my life.
I get up and walk around the room...just searching for something I couldn’t find.


When I asked her the question that would change our lives forever, I made sure no one was coming…

And then we flipped.

It haunts me everyday.
No one was else was there when they found us.
I need to find out who put us through this…
So I need closure to this Hell I’m facing.

Until I find that out I refuse to stop Believing Camilla will wake up.

Hope is all I have left.
And I intend to use it.
Until my last breath I take I’ll hope for Camilla to wake up…
It’s the one thing I’ve ever wanted so badly.
And will do anything to make it happen.
Because…she’s the one thing I need in this hell of a life to make it really living.

Closure is the one thing that will put my mind at rest.
My love might never see the world again.
Feel the breeze on her porcelain skin.
Feel the light of the day…
I need to know who took that away from her…possibly forever.
So I can get them to know what they put my love through.

They will know what they put Camilla through, one way or another.
They will know pain,
Know my pain,
Know what they put her through!
Know its there fault.
Its there fault my love is lost in sleep!
And I can only get that by revenge.
Then I lost it.
I just left her,
I left her the first time in a month.
I left my sleeping love alone in the hospital,
I couldn’t stay there looking at her like that.
I needed air, I needed to think but most importantly I needed to find myself again.
I’m losing myself as the days go bye, I finally cracked thinking of revenge.
I needed to believe she would wake up.
But I cracked,
An hour ago I threw my fist into a wall
I screamed at everything.
Cried until there were not more tears.
I ran out of the hospital in the pouring rain.
And that’s what I’m doing right now.
I’m standing in the rain outside the hospital.
Trying to find myself, trying to stay calm, trying to believe the one I love will wake up.
It’s hard having this much stuff on my plate.
So I let my emotions run wild for the first time in years.
And I just lost it.
The pain I was keeping inside myself finally did its course.
I finally realized that I had been gone for an hour, and with that I ran the fastest I ever had to get to Camilla.
But she was still laying in the bed the only thing moving was her chest as she breathed shallow breath’s.
She looked so far away and so peaceful.
I looked at the photo of us I set up the first day she came here.
We were in a meadow; she had picked a bundle of beautiful flowers. I treasure that day; it was the days before we flipped we both were so happy that day.
But of course we didn’t know what would happen the following day.
She didn’t know she would be in a coma.
We didn’t know anything.

I sat down next to her, held her hand,
And fell into a deep slumber.
I woke up to nurses everywhere in the room.
“What happened?” I pretty much screamed.
“Well it has been around 4 months we are starting to believe that she is in a special coma. She might not awake for years, or she might wake up any day we analyzed were she hit her head and we think she smashed it into the window and cracked it. It hit so forceful her body forced her to go into a coma.” The nurse had explained carefully.
“So…she might not wake up for years?” I started to tear up.
“Yes, I’m terribly sorry Mr. Jones.
Now what was her name again? I need to put it into the computer.” She asked me with pain in her voice.
“Her name is Camilla Ann Jones.”
“Alright, were you two married?”
“We’re engaged.” The pain in my voice as I said that was unbearable

“Ok, I’m terribly sorry Mr. Jones.”

“I am to…but I know she’ll wake up.”

I didn’t know how much I was trying to stay true to my word to myself with saying those words.
When the nurses left I just stood there and starred at the tiles.
My love, the one I wanted to spend my life with might never wake up.
And I couldn’t do anything about it.
That night I didn’t sleep I just sat there counting the tiles trying to stay calm.
Trying to control my emotions,
It was the hardest thing I had ever had to do in my life.
I walked outside and just sat on a bench.
And I finally realized I was only thinking of myself, she’s the one in the coma, not me.
After an hour of convincing myself this I finally got up and walking back to the room. I finally made it back. After 10 minutes of stalling myself.
When I got to the room everything was the same but I new one thing was off.
Her finger was twitching.
"Nurse! Come quick!" I yelled at the top of my lungs hoping someone would come.
After a minute of waiting a lady booked into your room.
"What? Do you need hel-“
That’s when she realized that Camilla's hand was twisting more forcefully.
The nurse quickly ran to her checking for another signs of movement,
"Is-is she going to be okay?"
The moment after I said that Camilla's eyes forced open.
"Camilla your awake!" I screamed as I ran to her and gave her a forceful hug.
At the time I was to blind sided by the fact she was awake and that she was petrified of me.

Well who wouldn’t be? She didn’t even know who I was.

"I can't believe your awake Camilla, thank god your ok!"
I screamed once again.
But the next four words that came out of her mouth killed me.
This time it wasn’t a dream
It was cold hard reality.

She had a petrified look in her eyes as she said it.
"Do I know you?"
That’s when I knew my nightmares were right she really wouldn't remember me when she woke up.
The one thing I was afraid of has come true.
I ran out of the room as fast as I could, I couldn't stand to be in there with her. It would kill me. I made it to the lobby running to the couch and curling up in a ball silently sobbing.

I don’t know why I didn’t just stay there and talk to her explain what happened slowly, I look back at this moment and realized how selfish I was being.

It was a good 2 hours before I heard her voice behind me.
She said it so faintly that I could barley hear her.
"I have no where else to you think I could um…stay with you?"
I looked at her dumbfounded because she does live with me in the first place.
But then I remembered she didn't remember anything.
I replied with a fast yes and grabbed her hand.

We made it to the house and she looked amazed.
"Wow its beautiful."
"Of course it is you designed it."
I looked back on the memory of her trying to figure out how to do the place. It had turned out perfect.
Just like her. It showed her personality perfect.
When I was done dreaming she looked at me weirdly.
"I never did? I've never been here before in my life." She replied so fast it scared me.
I just let it go and we went inside.
She looked around and finally stumbled on were we had every picture of us.
But she was most fixated on the one in the middle.
It was of her, the day before the crash.
But she couldn’t tell, at the time her roots were died red and she had a pound of makeup on. We had gone out to a meadow to pick flowers she had them in her hair and every wear.
It was a great day. I would cherish forever.
"She's beautiful." Camilla said as she looked into the photo of the girl in the meadow.
She had no idea it was her, she looked so different now.
"Who is it?" She asked and looked up at me.
I looked down at her and said with the strongest voice I could handle.
"A very special person someone very close to my heart."
It was so hard saying that. But i wasn't aloud to force memories onto her.
It would only make it worse.
"What was her name?"
Why was she wondering all these things?
Is she trying to make this unbearable for me?
I once again looked down on her and slowly said,
I couldn’t say her name was Camilla since she already knows that’s her name. So I relied the best I could.
“Her name was ann.” I didn’t know what to do, so I just used her middle name.
“Ann, that’s a beautiful name.” She smiled up at me.
"I can tell she loves you a lot." she said to me.
I cracked a smile and said "how so?"
"I can tell in her eyes, she's so focused on you like your her whole world...did you love her back?"
I picked up the photo still wondering why she wanted to know all these questions.
I look strait into Camilla's eyes and say with the strongest voice I had. Which probably wasn’t that strong.
"There is no did, I do love her and I always will. She was my world and everything else."
The girl just smiled and looked at other pictures.
I looked back at the photo. And I promised it something.
Some day Camilla,
I’ll make you remember that day in the meadow. Well be happy and you will remember everything we once did. But in the meantime that isn’t going to happen. But I promise you, I will make you remember…
I said one last thing to the photo before I turned away.
“I will always love you.”
With that said I walked away from the photo, and from the girl that will have a place in my heart forever.
I looked over to the new version of my love, a version who doesn't remember herself, a version who doesn't remember me.
For a minute I just stand there and stare at her, she doesn't notice since her thoughts are with the photos scattered around the house.
After over a minute I get back to reality, or shall I say what is left of it. But my thoughts pull me back in when I look at our new years photo from 2012.
This year has been hell. I've spent my time in the hospital took care of a girl who slept for 4 months. Went through the pain of loosing my first girlfriend, learned she cant remember me and now Im right next to her, but next to a different person at the same time, I suffered crying and heartbreak, a car crash I cant believe I survived from. And I survived being alone. but mostly I survived myself.
But then again I shouldn't complain, I got my reason for living back.
I got camilla, yes a new version but you never know it could be a better version of the girl I once called "my love".
But as long as she's living and breathing Im happy.
I walk over to Camilla smiling down at her while she looks at every inch of the house.
The girl finally notices my presence and excepts my smile, sending one right back at me,
and continues to aimlessly walk around the house still not knowing the girl in every photo I had
Was her.


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